Working with Multistory Files in InCopy

InCopy, a companion app to InDesign, allows writers and editors to collaborate on content within an InDesign layout. While InCopy excels at handling single-story documents, it can also work seamlessly with files containing multiple stories created in InDesign. Here's how to navigate and manage multistory files in InCopy:

Creating Multistory Files (Not in InCopy):

It's important to remember that InCopy itself cannot create multistory documents. This functionality resides solely within InDesign. You'll need your designated designer or layout artist to set up the multistory file in InDesign using either:

  • Assignment files: These are specifically designed for InCopy workflows and offer granular control over which content is assigned to individual users.
  • InDesign files with linked InCopy content: This method allows designers to create the layout and link specific text frames to separate InCopy files, enabling collaborative editing.

Navigating Multistory Files in InCopy:

Once you receive a multistory InCopy file, you'll find the individual stories presented within the application:

  • Galley view: This view displays all stories sequentially, one after the other.
  • Story view: This view focuses on a single story at a time, offering a dedicated workspace for editing.

Working with the Story Separator Bar:

Both views utilize the story separator bar, a crucial element for managing multiple stories:

  • This bar displays the title of each story.
  • Clicking the title jumps you to that specific story within the document.
  • The expand/collapse button allows you to show or hide individual stories, providing a cleaner workspace and preventing accidental edits in unintended sections.

Additional Tips:

  • Communicate with your designer: Maintain clear communication with your designer regarding story assignments and any layout considerations specific to each story.
  • Track changes: Utilize InCopy's track changes feature to keep a record of your edits and facilitate collaboration with other editors working on the same story.
  • Respect assignments: Only edit the stories assigned to you to avoid conflicts and maintain a smooth workflow.

By understanding these concepts, you can effectively work with multistory files in InCopy, contributing efficiently to collaborative projects alongside designers and other editors.

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