Does Adobe Fresco Have Symmetry?

For digital artists who crave perfect symmetry in their creations, Adobe Fresco presents a bit of a conundrum. As of May 5, 2024, the software does not include a dedicated symmetry tool. This functionality is a staple in many art programs, allowing for efficient creation of mirrored designs, mandalas, and other symmetrical concepts.

This lack of a built-in feature doesn't necessarily mean symmetrical artwork is impossible in Fresco. There are workarounds and alternative methods to achieve symmetry, but they require slightly more effort compared to a dedicated tool.

Here's a deep dive into the current situation with symmetry in Adobe Fresco:

The Case for a Symmetry Tool

  • Efficiency and Accuracy: A dedicated symmetry tool streamlines the process. Draw on one side of the canvas, and the tool automatically mirrors your strokes on the other, ensuring perfect symmetry. This saves time and reduces the risk of minor inconsistencies that can arise with manual mirroring.
  • Creative Exploration: A symmetry tool opens doors for experimentation. You can easily try different variations and adjustments on one side, knowing the mirrored side will update accordingly. This fosters a more fluid creative process, especially for intricate patterns and designs.
  • Alignment with Industry Standards: Many popular art programs, including Procreate and Photoshop, offer symmetry tools. Their absence in Fresco can be a drawback for artists accustomed to these workflows.

Workarounds for Symmetry in Fresco

  1. Duplicate and Flip: This is the most common method. You draw one half of your design, then duplicate the layer. Flip the duplicate horizontally and use the transform tools to precisely align it with the original half. While effective, this approach can be time-consuming and requires a steady hand for perfect alignment.
  2. Guides and Snapping: Fresco offers robust guide creation and snapping options. You can create a central guide to act as your symmetry axis. Then, enable snapping to ensure your strokes on either side perfectly align with the guide. This method provides more control than freehand mirroring but can feel restrictive for organic shapes.
  3. Third-Party Brushes: Some artists explore custom brushes that leave mirrored marks as you draw. While a creative solution, finding and installing these brushes can be an extra step, and their functionality might not be as seamless as a dedicated tool.

The Future of Symmetry in Fresco

The good news is that Adobe is aware of the demand for a symmetry tool in Fresco. User forums show discussions and requests for this feature. While there's no official confirmation yet, the possibility of a future update incorporating a symmetry tool is encouraging.


While Adobe Fresco currently lacks a dedicated symmetry tool, artists can still achieve symmetrical designs through alternative methods. The choice comes down to personal preference and workflow. If a streamlined symmetry tool is essential for your art, other programs might be better suited. However, if you're comfortable with workarounds and appreciate Fresco's other strengths, rest assured that creating symmetrical artwork is still possible within the program.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Community Support: Online tutorials and resources can offer valuable guidance on achieving symmetry within Fresco's current framework.
  • Alternative Uses: The lack of a dedicated symmetry tool doesn't diminish Fresco's overall capabilities. It excels in live brushwork and offers a unique digital watercolor experience.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to use Fresco for creating symmetrical art depends on your needs and priorities.