Mastering Magnification in Adobe Fresco (Zooming)

Mastering Magnification in Adobe Fresco (Zooming)
Magnification in Adobe Fresco (Zooming)

Adobe Fresco empowers artists with a vast digital canvas for their creations. But sometimes, you need to get up close and personal with the finer details. That's where zooming comes in! This article dives deep into the various ways to zoom in and out on your artwork within Fresco, ensuring you can focus on every brushstroke and detail.

Methods for Magnification

Fresco offers multiple methods for zooming, catering to different devices and user preferences.

Touchscreen Gestures (Tablets and Phones)

  • Pinch Zoom: This is the most intuitive method for touchscreen devices. Simply pinch two fingers together on the canvas to zoom in, and spread them apart to zoom out. This gesture allows for a natural and fluid zooming experience.
  • Double Tap Zoom: Double-tapping on a specific area of the canvas zooms in on that particular spot. This is helpful for quickly focusing on a particular detail.

Stylus and Pen Support

While primarily used for drawing and painting, your stylus or pen can also be used for zooming:

  • Pen Double-Tap: Similar to the double-tap gesture, a quick double-tap with your pen on the canvas zooms in on that location.

Desktop and Non-Touchscreen Devices

  • Zoom Slider: Located at the top of the document window, the zoom slider provides a visual representation of the current zoom level. Drag the slider left to zoom out and right to zoom in.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows/Mac): While there's no dedicated shortcut for zooming, you can utilize a handy workaround:
    • Windows: Hold the "Alt" key and scroll up or down with your mouse wheel. Scrolling up zooms in, while scrolling down zooms out.
    • Mac: Hold the "Command" key and use the two-finger scroll gesture on your trackpad (similar to the pinch zoom on a touchscreen).

Additional Zoom Controls

  • Zoom to Fit: Click the icon resembling a document within the zoom slider to adjust the view and fit your entire artwork within the canvas window.
  • Zoom to Selection: Select a specific area of your artwork using the selection tools. Clicking the magnifying glass icon with a dotted outline within the zoom slider zooms in to focus solely on that selected area.

Tips and Tricks for Efficient Zooming

  • Smooth Zooming: While zooming in and out, hold down the "Spacebar" key (Windows/Mac) for smoother and more controlled zooming transitions.
  • Navigating the Zoomed Canvas: When zoomed in, use the hand tool (located in the toolbar) or drag your canvas with your finger (touchscreen) or mouse to navigate around the enlarged area.
  • Shortcut Customization (Optional): While there are no built-in keyboard shortcuts for zooming in Fresco, you can explore third-party applications that allow customization of keyboard shortcuts for various software programs, potentially enabling you to assign a shortcut for zooming.


Mastering the zoom functionalities in Adobe Fresco unlocks a world of creative possibilities. By employing the techniques outlined above, you can seamlessly switch between focusing on intricate details and viewing your artwork as a whole. Remember, the ideal zoom method depends on your device and personal preference. Experiment with the different options and find what works best for you to bring your artistic vision to life in Fresco!