What is the Keyboard Shortcut for Zoom Out (Photoshop on the Web)

The keyboard shortcut for Zoom out in Photoshop on the Web is Ctrl+- on Windows and Command+- on Mac.

To use this shortcut, simply open your image in Photoshop on the Web and press Ctrl+- (or Command+-). This will zoom out of your image by one step. You can press this shortcut multiple times to zoom out further.

Note: If you are using a Mac with a newer MacBook Pro, you may have to use the Touch Bar to access the Zoom out shortcut. To do this, simply press the Fn key and then press the — key on the Touch Bar.

How to use the Zoom tool

In addition to using keyboard shortcuts, you can also use the Zoom tool to zoom in and out of your image. To do this, simply click the Zoom tool in the toolbar and then click and drag on your image to zoom in or out.

Tips for zooming out in Photoshop on the Web

  • If you are zoomed out of your image, you can use the scroll bar to pan around the image.
  • To zoom to fit your screen, press Ctrl+0 (or Command+0 on Mac).
  • To zoom to 100%, press Ctrl+1 (or Command+1 on Mac).
  • To zoom to 50%, press Ctrl+2 (or Command+2 on Mac).

I hope this article has been helpful!