What is the Keyboard Shortcut for Invert Image (Photoshop on the Web)

The keyboard shortcut for Invert image in Photoshop on the Web is Ctrl+I on Windows and Command+I on Mac.

To use this shortcut, simply open your image in Photoshop on the Web and press Ctrl+I (or Command+I). This will instantly invert the colors of your image.

In addition to inverting the colors of your entire image, you can also invert the colors of a specific selection. To do this, simply make a selection in your image and then press Ctrl+I (or Command+I). This will invert the colors of the selected area only.

Here are some examples of when you might want to use the Invert image shortcut:

  • To create a negative image
  • To create a high-contrast image
  • To isolate specific colors in an image
  • To create a more dramatic or artistic effect

Here are some additional keyboard shortcuts that you may find helpful when working with images in Photoshop on the Web:

  • Ctrl+Z (or Command+Z):** Undo
  • Ctrl+Y (or Command+Y):** Redo
  • Ctrl+A (or Command+A):** Select all
  • Ctrl+D (or Command+D):** Deselect
  • Ctrl++ (or Command++):** Zoom in
  • Ctrl+ (or Command+**):** Zoom out
  • Ctrl+0 (or Command+0):** Zoom to fit
  • Ctrl+1 (or Command+1):** Zoom to 100%
  • Ctrl+2 (or Command+2):** Zoom to 200%

I hope this article has been helpful!