What is the keyboard shortcut for Edit (Adobe Lightroom)

The keyboard shortcut for the Edit tool in Adobe Lightroom is E on both macOS and Windows. This shortcut opens the Edit panel in the Develop module, where you can make a variety of adjustments to your photos, such as:

  • Crop and straighten: You can use the Crop tool to crop your photo to a specific size or aspect ratio. You can also use the Straighten tool to straighten a crooked image.
  • Adjust exposure: You can use the Exposure slider to adjust the brightness of your photo.
  • Adjust white balance: You can use the White Balance dropper tool to click on a white or gray area in your photo to set the white balance. You can also use the White Balance sliders to fine-tune the white balance.
  • Adjust contrast: You can use the Contrast slider to adjust the overall contrast of your photo.
  • Adjust highlights and shadows: You can use the Highlights and Shadows sliders to adjust the exposure of the highlights and shadows in your photo.
  • Adjust clarity and texture: You can use the Clarity and Texture sliders to add or remove detail from your photo.
  • Adjust sharpening: You can use the Sharpening slider to sharpen your photo.

The Edit panel is a powerful tool for making a wide range of adjustments to your photos. With a little practice, you can learn to use it to create stunning results.

Additional tips for using keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Lightroom:

  • Press Command + F (macOS) or Ctrl + F (Windows) to open the Find dialog box. This allows you to search for keyboard shortcuts.
  • You can also find a list of all Lightroom keyboard shortcuts in the Help menu.
  • To customize your keyboard shortcuts, go to Edit > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts.

I hope this article was helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions.