Vector Brush Shortcut in Adobe Fresco

Vector brushes are a unique type of brush in Adobe Fresco that allows you to create sharp, scalable artwork that can be easily resized and edited without losing quality. They are ideal for creating illustrations, typography, and graphic design elements.

The vector brush shortcut in Adobe Fresco is V. This shortcut instantly selects the vector brush tool, which you can use to create new vector brush strokes or convert existing raster brush strokes to vector format.

Here’s how to use the Vector Brush shortcut:

  1. Open the artwork you want to work on in Adobe Fresco.
  2. Press the Vector Brush shortcut (V).
  3. Choose the desired vector brush from the Brush Library.
  4. Start creating your vector brush strokes.
  5. To convert existing raster brush strokes to vector format, select the raster brush strokes and then press the Vector Brush shortcut (V).

Your vector brush strokes will be scalable and editable, allowing you to resize them without losing quality or detail.

Benefits of Using Vector Brushes

  • Scalability: Vector brushes produce artwork that can be scaled to any size without losing quality or detail.
  • Editing Flexibility: Vector brushes allow you to easily edit and manipulate your artwork without affecting its resolution.
  • Sharp Lines and Shapes: Vector brushes create crisp, clean lines and shapes that are ideal for illustrations and graphic design.
  • Versatility: Vector brushes can be used to create a wide variety of artwork, including illustrations, typography, and graphic design elements.

Tips for Using Vector Brushes

  • Experiment with different vector brushes: Adobe Fresco offers a variety of vector brushes, each with its own unique characteristics. Experiment with different brushes to find ones that suit your artistic style.
  • Use vector brushes for precision work: Vector brushes are ideal for creating precise illustrations and graphic design elements. Use them for drawing lines, shapes, and other elements that require sharp detail.
  • Convert raster brush strokes to vectors: If you have raster brush strokes that you want to maintain their quality when resizing, convert them to vector format using the Vector Brush shortcut.
  • Save your artwork in vector formats: To ensure that your vector artwork remains scalable and editable, save it in vector formats such as AI or EPS.


The Vector Brush shortcut in Adobe Fresco provides a quick and convenient way to access and utilize vector brushes. These versatile brushes enable you to create sharp, scalable artwork that can be easily edited and manipulated without losing quality. By mastering the Vector Brush shortcut, you can enhance your workflow and expand your artistic possibilities in Adobe Fresco.