Using the Spectral Frequency Display for Audio Cleaning

The Spectral Frequency Display (SFD) is a powerful tool in Adobe Audition that visualizes the frequency content of an audio signal over time. This visualization provides valuable insights for identifying and removing unwanted noise, enhancing audio clarity, and shaping the overall sound of an audio recording.

Visualizing Audio Frequencies

The SFD represents the amplitude of different frequencies in an audio signal as colors on a spectrum graph. Higher frequencies appear towards the top of the graph, while lower frequencies appear towards the bottom. The intensity of color indicates the amplitude of the frequency.

By analyzing the SFD, you can identify and isolate specific frequency ranges that contribute to unwanted noise or detract from the overall audio quality. This information can guide you in applying noise reduction techniques, EQ adjustments, or other audio processing tools to refine the audio.

Identifying and Removing Noise

The SFD is particularly useful for identifying and removing unwanted noise in audio recordings. Sharp transients, such as clicks and pops, appear as spikes on the SFD. Continuous noise, such as hiss or hum, appears as a consistent pattern of color.

By isolating these noise sources on the SFD, you can apply noise reduction tools more precisely, reducing the noise without affecting the desired audio content.

Enhancing Audio Clarity

The SFD can also be used to enhance the clarity of an audio recording by identifying and removing unwanted frequencies. For instance, you can reduce the presence of low-frequency rumble or high-frequency hiss by targeting these frequency ranges in the SFD.

Additionally, the SFD can be used to accentuate specific frequency ranges to enhance the overall tonal balance of an audio recording. For example, you can boost the presence of high-frequency harmonics to add brightness and clarity to vocal tracks or instrument recordings.

Shaping the Overall Sound

The SFD can be used to shape the overall sound of an audio recording by adjusting the balance of different frequency ranges. This can be used to create specific sonic effects, such as adding warmth and fullness to a vocal track or enhancing the punchiness of a bass guitar.

By using the SFD in conjunction with other audio processing tools, such as EQ and dynamics processing, you can achieve a wide range of creative and expressive audio treatments.


The Spectral Frequency Display is a versatile tool for cleaning up, enhancing, and shaping audio waveforms. By carefully analyzing the SFD, you can identify and address unwanted noise, improve audio clarity, and create a variety of sonic effects.

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