Using Creative Cloud Libraries in Mobile Apps

Creative Cloud Libraries aren't just for desktop applications anymore! While saving assets directly to libraries isn't currently available on all mobile apps, you can still leverage their power to enhance your mobile design workflow.

Accessing Libraries in Mobile Apps

Several Adobe mobile apps allow you to access and utilize existing Creative Cloud Libraries:

  • Adobe Capture: Capture shapes, colors, and brushes on the go and save them directly to your libraries for seamless integration with desktop apps.
  • Creative Cloud mobile app: Manage your libraries, view and search for assets, and even share them with collaborators.
  • Adobe Fresco: Access and use colors, brushes, and other library elements directly within your mobile painting projects.

Maximizing Library Usage on Mobile

While you can't directly add assets to libraries from most mobile apps, here are some creative ways to leverage their functionality:

  • Pre-populate libraries with essential assets: Before embarking on a mobile project, ensure your desktop libraries are stocked with frequently used colors, brushes, logos, and other relevant elements.
  • Utilize mobile capture features: Apps like Adobe Capture allow you to capture inspiration on the go, converting them into usable design elements and saving them directly to your libraries for later use on desktop or mobile.
  • Maintain consistency across platforms: By accessing shared libraries on your mobile device, you can ensure consistent use of brand elements and maintain visual coherence across your projects, regardless of the device used.
  • Streamline project continuation: Accessing libraries on your mobile device allows you to seamlessly continue work on projects initiated on your desktop, utilizing pre-saved assets and maintaining workflow continuity.

Additional Considerations

  • Limited functionality: Remember that mobile app integration with libraries is still evolving. While you can't directly add assets, the ability to access and utilize existing libraries offers significant workflow benefits.
  • Connectivity is key: Ensure a stable internet connection for seamless access and synchronization of your libraries across devices.


Creative Cloud Libraries offer valuable functionality even within the mobile realm. By understanding their limitations and exploring creative workarounds, you can leverage their power to enhance your mobile design workflow, ensuring consistency, efficiency, and continued creativity on the go.

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