Undo Shortcut in Adobe Fresco

The undo shortcut is a lifesaver for any artist working with digital tools and Adobe Fresco is no exception. Undo allows you to reverse any mistake you make, giving you the ability to experiment and refine your work without fear of losing progress.

Undo Shortcut on iOS

On iOS devices, the undo shortcut is Command + Z. This shortcut can be used to undo any action you’ve taken in Fresco, whether it’s drawing a line, adding a new layer, or making a color change.

Undo Shortcut on Windows

On Windows devices, the undo shortcut is Ctrl + Z. This shortcut works the same way as it does on iOS devices, allowing you to reverse any action you’ve taken in Fresco.

Using the Undo Shortcut

To use the undo shortcut, simply press the shortcut key combination you’re using (Command + Z or Ctrl + Z) immediately after making a mistake. Fresco will automatically undo the previous action. You can also use the shortcut multiple times to undo multiple actions.

Redo Shortcut

If you undo an action and then decide you want to redo it, you can use the redo shortcut. The redo shortcut is Command + Shift + Z on iOS devices and Ctrl + Shift + Z on Windows devices. Like the undo shortcut, you can use the redo shortcut multiple times to redo multiple actions.

Using the Redo Shortcut

To use the redo shortcut, simply press the shortcut key combination you’re using (Command + Shift + Z or Ctrl + Shift + Z) after undoing an action. Fresco will automatically redo the previous action.

Tips for Using Undo and Redo Shortcuts

  • Use the shortcuts frequently. The undo and redo shortcuts are a quick and easy way to correct mistakes, so don’t hesitate to use them.
  • Don’t worry about undoing too far. Fresco keeps track of your undo history, so you can always undo multiple actions.
  • Use the redo shortcut sparingly. The redo shortcut can be helpful, but it’s important to be careful not to undo too much.

I hope this article has helped you learn how to use the undo and redo shortcuts in Adobe Fresco.