Turning Off Artboards in Photoshop

Artboards are a valuable tool for organizing and arranging design elements within a Photoshop document. However, there may be times when you want to temporarily disable artboards to focus on specific areas of your design or to work without their visual boundaries.

Toggling Artboards Visibility

There are two main methods for toggling the visibility of artboards in Photoshop: using the Ctrl+H (Windows) or Command+H (Mac) shortcut and using the Artboards panel.

Using the Shortcut

  1. Press the Shortcut: Press the Ctrl+H (Windows) or Command+H (Mac) shortcut.
  2. Hide Artboards: This will temporarily hide all artboards in the document, allowing you to focus on the canvas without distractions.
  3. Reveal Artboards: Press the Ctrl+H (Windows) or Command+H (Mac) shortcut again to reveal the artboards.

Using the Artboards Panel

  1. Access the Artboards Panel: Click on the Artboards panel icon in the Window menu or press the F7 shortcut.
  2. Click the Eye Icon: Click the eye icon next to each artboard you want to hide. The icon will turn gray when the artboard is hidden.
  3. Reveal Artboards: Click the eye icon again to reveal the selected artboards.

Advantages of Hiding Artboards

Hiding artboards can be beneficial in various situations:

  • Focusing on Specific Elements: Disable artboards to concentrate on specific design elements without the visual clutter of other artboards.
  • Working Without Boundaries: Remove artboards to work freely on the canvas without the constraints of artboard boundaries.
  • Enhancing Creativity: Freeing yourself from artboard limitations can stimulate creativity and explore new design possibilities.
  • Exploring Whitespace: Hide artboards to examine the distribution of whitespace and refine the overall composition.

By utilizing the methods and understanding the advantages of hiding artboards, you can effectively control the visibility of artboards in Photoshop, enhancing your design workflow and allowing you to focus on specific areas of your work.