The Ruler Tool in Adobe Fresco

The ruler tool in Adobe Fresco is a versatile tool that can be used to draw straight lines, measure lengths, and create precise shapes. It is a valuable addition to the digital artist’s toolkit, as it can help to ensure accuracy and professionalism in their artwork.

Accessing the Ruler Tool

The ruler tool is located in the toolbar at the bottom right corner of the Fresco interface. It is represented by a small ruler icon. To access the ruler, simply tap on this icon. The ruler will appear on the canvas and can be moved around to any desired location.

Using the Ruler to Draw Straight Lines

To use the ruler to draw straight lines, simply tap and hold the ruler icon, then drag your finger across the canvas. The line will be drawn along the edge of the ruler. You can adjust the size and opacity of the line using the brush settings.

Measuring Lengths with the Ruler

The ruler can also be used to measure the length of strokes. To do this, simply draw a line along the edge of the ruler and an indicator will appear showing the length of the line in pixels. This feature can be helpful for ensuring that your art is symmetrical or for creating designs with specific dimensions.

Creating Precise Shapes with the Ruler

The ruler can be used to create precise shapes by combining it with other tools, such as the shape tool or the pen tool. For example, you can use the shape tool to create a square and then use the ruler to align the sides of the square perfectly.

Additional Ruler Features

In addition to the basic ruler functions, Fresco also offers some additional ruler features, such as the ability to:

  • Rotate the ruler by dragging two fingers on its handle.
  • Lock the ruler in place by tapping and holding on it and then dragging a circle around the handle.
  • Use the ruler as a guide for creating masks by connecting the ruler to anchor points on other layers.

Overall, the ruler tool is a valuable asset for any Adobe Fresco user. It can help to ensure accuracy, precision, and professionalism in your artwork.