Syncing and Returning to Home in Adobe Fresco: The Command + Shift + H or Ctrl + Shift + H Shortcut

Adobe Fresco, a powerful digital painting and drawing app, allows you to work with multiple documents and keep your work up-to-date across devices. The Sync & return to Home shortcut is a quick and easy way to sync your work with the cloud and return to the Home screen.

Here’s how to sync and return to Home in Adobe Fresco

  1. Press Command + Shift + H on Mac or Ctrl + Shift + H on Windows.

This will sync your current document with the cloud and return you to the Home screen.

Here is a table that summarizes the Sync & return to Home shortcut for Adobe Fresco:

Platform | Shortcut

iOS | None
macOS | Command + Shift + H
Windows | Ctrl + Shift + H

Why is it important to sync frequently?

Syncing your work with the cloud is important for several reasons:

  • Preventing data loss: If your device crashes or is lost, your synced work will be safe in the cloud.
  • Accessing your work from anywhere: You can access your synced work from any device that has Adobe Fresco installed.
  • Collaborating with others: You can share your synced work with others and collaborate on it in real time.

By mastering the Sync & return to Home shortcut, you can protect your work, stay organized, and collaborate with others seamlessly.

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