Share Creative Cloud Libraries from Your Desktop App

Creative Cloud Libraries offer a powerful way to organize and access your frequently used design assets across various Adobe applications. But what if you want to collaborate with colleagues or share your library for wider use? Thankfully, sharing libraries directly from your desktop app is a breeze.

This article will guide you through the process of sharing Creative Cloud libraries from your desktop app, allowing you to collaborate seamlessly and boost your creative efficiency.

Sharing with Specific Collaborators

1. Accessing the Sharing Options:

  • Open the Creative Cloud desktop app.
  • Navigate to the "Files" tab and select "Your Libraries" in the left sidebar.
  • Click the ellipsis (...) icon next to the library you want to share.

2. Inviting Collaborators:

  • Choose "Invite people..." from the menu.
  • Enter the email addresses of your collaborators, separated by commas.
  • Select the desired permission level: "Can edit" allows collaborators to modify and add assets, while "Can view" provides read-only access.
  • Optionally, add a personalized message in the message box.
  • Click "Invite" to send the invitations.

3. Managing Collaborator Permissions:

  • Once collaborators are invited, you can manage their permissions by clicking the ellipsis (...) icon again and selecting "Manage collaborators."
  • This allows you to modify permission levels or remove collaborators from the library.

1. Generating a Shareable Link:

  • Open the library you want to share.
  • Click the ellipsis (...) icon and select "Share Link."
  • Choose the desired access options:
    • Allow Download: Lets anyone with the link download a copy of the library.
    • Allow Follow: Enables anyone with the link to view and use the library assets, but they cannot edit them. Followers will automatically receive updates when you make changes.
  • Click "Copy Link" to share the generated link with anyone you want.

2. Considerations for Public Links:

  • Be mindful of sharing libraries containing sensitive or confidential information using public links.
  • Anyone with the link can access the library content based on the chosen permissions.

Benefits of Sharing Creative Cloud Libraries

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Share design assets seamlessly with colleagues, enabling efficient teamwork and maintaining brand consistency.
  • Improved Workflow: Access your frequently used assets across various Adobe applications, saving time and effort.
  • Centralized Asset Management: Keep your design elements organized and readily available, eliminating the need to search for them individually.

By utilizing the sharing features of Creative Cloud Libraries, you can unlock their full potential for collaboration and streamline your creative workflow. Remember to choose the appropriate sharing method based on your needs and the sensitivity of the library content.