Save Adobe Stock Images to Your Creative Cloud Libraries for Seamless Design Workflow

Adobe Stock offers a vast library of high-quality images, illustrations, and videos that can elevate your creative projects. But constantly searching for these assets can disrupt your workflow. Fortunately, Creative Cloud Libraries provide a solution, allowing you to save and organize Adobe Stock images for easy access within various Adobe applications.

Here's how to seamlessly save Adobe Stock images to your Creative Cloud Libraries:

1. Access Adobe Stock:

  • Open your preferred Adobe application, such as PhotoshopIllustrator, or InDesign.
  • Navigate to the Libraries panel (usually found in the "Window" menu).
  • If not already connected, sign in to your Adobe Stock account within the Libraries panel.

2. Search for and select the desired image:

  • Utilize the search bar within the Libraries panel to browse the Adobe Stock library.
  • Filter your search by category, keyword, or other relevant criteria to find the perfect image.
  • Once you've located the desired image, click on it to preview it in the panel.

3. Save the image to your library:

  • Hover over the image thumbnail.
  • You'll see two options:
    • Save Preview to (library name): This saves a watermarked preview of the image to your chosen library. You can use this preview for reference and planning purposes.
    • License Image: This option allows you to purchase the full license for the image and remove the watermark.

4. Choose your saving option:

  • Saving a watermarked preview:
    • Select the "Save Preview to (library name)" button.
    • Choose the desired library from the dropdown menu.
    • The watermarked preview will be saved to your chosen library, readily accessible for reference within your Adobe applications.
  • Licensing the image:
    • Click the "License Image" button.
    • Follow the prompts to complete the purchase using your Adobe Stock credits or subscription.
    • Once licensed, the watermarked preview will be automatically replaced with the full-resolution, unwatermarked image in your library.

Benefits of saving Adobe Stock images to your libraries:

  • Easy access: Quickly locate and utilize saved images within various Adobe applications, eliminating the need to search Adobe Stock again.
  • Streamlined workflow: Save time and effort by having readily available assets at your fingertips, allowing you to focus on design and creativity.
  • Organization: Group related images within specific libraries for better project management and easier retrieval.
  • Collaboration: Share your libraries with team members, ensuring everyone has access to the same approved assets for consistent brand communication.

By leveraging Creative Cloud Libraries, you can efficiently save and manage Adobe Stock images, enhancing your design workflow and ensuring seamless access to these valuable creative assets across your projects.