Ruling the Page: Mastering Lines in Adobe InCopy

InCopy, your trusty writing companion, offers more than just text editing. You can also add visual elements like lines to enhance structure and separation within your documents. So, let's explore the world of InCopy rules and empower you to master the art of adding lines with precision and style!

Summoning the Rules:

  1. Target Your Canvas: Select the text paragraph(s) above or below which you want to add the rule.
  2. Panel Prowess: Access the Paragraph panel (Window > Type and Tables > Paragraph) or the Control panel (Window > Control).
  3. Rule Options: Locate the Rule Above or Rule Below section within the panel of your choice.

Crafting Your Rule:

  • Rule On/Off: Toggle between Rule On and Rule Off to activate or deactivate the rule.
  • Weight: Choose the thickness of your rule from a range of options, like 0.25 pt or 1 pt, depending on your desired visual impact.
  • Left/Right Indents: Define where the rule starts and ends within the paragraph by adjusting Left Indent and Right Indent values.
  • Overprint Stroke: Check this option if you want the rule to overlay other colors without blending, preventing potential printing issues.

Advanced Rule Techniques:

  • Rule Color: Click the color swatch next to Weight to choose a custom color for your rule, adding a touch of personality or aligning it with your document's design.
  • Rule Style: Explore different Rule Styles like Dashed or Dotted for more visual variety and emphasis.
  • Paragraph Styles: Create reusable Paragraph Styles with pre-defined rule settings for efficient application across multiple paragraphs.


  • Context is Key: Use rules strategically to separate sections, highlight important text, or add visual interest. Avoid overuse, as excessive lines can clutter your document.
  • Design Harmony: Align your rules with the overall design and aesthetic of your document for a cohesive visual experience.
  • Version Compatibility: Be aware that some advanced rule features might not be compatible with older InCopy versions or other publishing software used in collaboration.

With these tips and a bit of practice, you can transform your InCopy documents from simply written to visually engaging masterpieces where lines become powerful tools to guide your reader and enhance your content. So, go forth, unleash your inner designer, and let your rules add a touch of structure and style to your pages!

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