Purchasing Adobe Audition: Understanding the Options Available

Adobe Audition, a powerful digital audio editing software, is widely used by professionals and hobbyists alike for a variety of tasks, including music production, podcasting, sound design, and audio restoration. While Adobe Audition is typically accessed through a subscription-based Creative Cloud plan, the option to purchase outright has been a topic of interest for many users.

Creative Cloud Subscription Model

Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription model is the primary means of accessing Adobe Audition and other Adobe software applications. This subscription-based approach provides users with access to the latest software updates, cloud storage, and other benefits. However, the annual or monthly subscription fees can be a significant recurring expense for users.

Outright Purchase of Adobe Audition

In the past, Adobe did offer outright perpetual licenses for its software, including Adobe Audition. However, this option has been discontinued, and Adobe now exclusively offers Adobe Audition through its Creative Cloud subscription model.

Reasons for Adobe’s Shift to Subscriptions

Adobe’s move to a subscription-based model is driven by several factors:

  1. Revenue Stability: Subscriptions provide a more consistent revenue stream for Adobe compared to the one-time sales of perpetual licenses.
  2. Continuous Updates: Subscriptions allow Adobe to provide users with regular software updates, ensuring they have access to the latest features and security patches.
  3. Cloud Storage and Collaboration: Subscriptions often include cloud storage and collaboration tools, enhancing the overall user experience.
  4. Recurring Revenue: Subscriptions generate recurring revenue for Adobe, which can be reinvested in product development and marketing efforts.

Alternative Options to Outright Purchase

While an outright purchase of Adobe Audition is no longer available, there are alternative options for users who prefer not to subscribe to Creative Cloud:

  1. Educational Licensing: Students, teachers, and educational institutions can often access Adobe software at discounted rates through educational licensing programs.
  2. Volume Licensing: Businesses and organizations with a large number of users may qualify for volume licensing agreements, which can offer reduced pricing for Adobe software.
  3. Third-party Resale Secondhand or refurbished Adobe software licenses may be available through authorized resellers or individuals, but they may require additional support or warranty considerations.
  4. Free Alternatives: While not as comprehensive as Adobe Audition, there are free or open-source audio editing software options available, such as Audacity and Ocenaudio.


Adobe’s decision to discontinue outright purchases of Adobe Audition has shifted the focus to subscription-based access through the Creative Cloud. While this model provides regular updates and cloud-based benefits, it may not suit all users who prefer a one-time purchase option. For those seeking alternative options, educational licensing, volume licensing, third-party resale, and free alternatives can be considered.