New Features in Latest Photoshop Update February 2024

New Features in Latest Photoshop Update February 2024
Latest Photoshop Update February 2024

Adobe recently released an update for Photoshop, bringing new features and improvements to both the desktop and iPad versions. Let's dive into the highlights of this update:

Desktop Version (v25.4):

  • Enhanced Cloud Document Collaboration: This update streamlines collaboration on cloud documents, allowing seamless switching between desktop and iPad while maintaining version control and preventing conflicts.
  • Improved Selection Refinement: The Select and Mask workspace receives an upgrade with better edge detection and object selection accuracy, especially for complex shapes and challenging backgrounds.
  • Content-Aware Fill Refinements: The Content-Aware Fill tool benefits from enhanced performance and accuracy, resulting in more natural and seamless filling of unwanted elements in images.
  • Performance Optimizations: This update includes various performance improvements across the application, leading to smoother operation and faster response times.

iPad Version (v5.4.1):

  • Brush Engine Enhancements: The brush engine on the iPad version receives improvements, offering more responsive and realistic brush strokes for a more natural painting experience.
  • Selection Improvements: Similar to the desktop version, the iPad app benefits from better selection tools with enhanced accuracy and edge detection.
  • Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements: This update addresses various bugs and stability issues, ensuring a more reliable and crash-free experience on iPads.


The latest Photoshop update is available for download through the Creative Cloud desktop app. Users can access the update by going to Help > Updates within Photoshop.

Overall, this update from Adobe demonstrates their continued commitment to improving the user experience and functionality of Photoshop. The new features and improvements cater to both desktop and iPad users, offering enhanced collaboration, selection tools, content-aware features, and overall performance.