Neue Plak: Reviving a Bold Voice for Modern Design

The world of typefaces boasts countless options, each vying for attention with unique personalities and histories. Amongst them, Neue Plak stands out, not just for its striking presence, but for its intriguing tale of revival and adaptation. Originally designed by typographic titan Paul Renner in 1930, Neue Plak breathes new life into a hidden gem, offering a bold and versatile voice for modern design projects.

From Posters to Revival

The original Plak font wasn't intended for widespread use. It served specifically as a companion to Futura, another of Renner's renowned creations, for use on posters. While Plak faded into relative obscurity, its unique charm captivated Linda Hintz and Toshi Omagari decades later. In 2010, they meticulously revived the typeface, expanding it from its single, bold style to a vast family encompassing 60 styles with diverse weights and widths. This rebirth christened it "Neue Plak," signifying its evolution into a versatile design tool for the modern era.

Bold Yet Balanced

Neue Plak embodies a distinct personality. Its letterforms are bold and geometric, characterized by sharp angles and robust strokes. This inherent boldness can add a powerful statement to headlines, logos, and branding materials. However, Neue Plak is more than just a loud voice. It retains a delicate balance, thanks to subtle curves and generous spacing, ensuring excellent readability even in smaller sizes.

A Font for Every Voice

The expansive Neue Plak family caters to a variety of design needs:

  • Diverse Weights and Widths: From light and slender to ultra-bold and expansive, Neue Plak offers options for creating nuanced hierarchy and visual impact.
  • Text and Display Versatility: The "Text" subfamily shines in body text, while the "Display" family excels in larger sizes, offering impactful headlines and branding elements.
  • Multilingual Support: Its extensive character set enables global communication, supporting numerous languages and symbols.

Where Neue Plak Shines

Neue Plak's distinct presence finds its home in various design applications:

  • Branding and Marketing: Its boldness captures attention, making it ideal for logos, packaging, and advertising materials.
  • Editorial Design: It adds a touch of personality to magazine headlines, book titles, and posters.
  • Web and UI Design: The clear letterforms and multiple weights enhance readability and user experience in digital interfaces.

Beyond Nostalgia

While honoring its historical roots, Neue Plak isn't merely a nostalgic homage. The expanded family and refined design ensure its relevance in the modern design landscape. Its versatility allows it to adapt to diverse trends while retaining its distinct character.

Is Neue Plak for You?

Neue Plak isn't for the faint of heart. Its bold personality might not suit every project. However, for those seeking a typeface that makes a statement while retaining readability and versatility, Neue Plak offers a unique and powerful voice.


Neue Plak stands as a testament to the enduring power of good design. It breathes new life into a forgotten gem, offering a bold and adaptable voice for contemporary design projects. If you're looking for a typeface that commands attention and tells a story, Neue Plak might just be the perfect match for your next creative endeavor.

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