Mastering the Gaps: A Guide to Spacing in InCopy

In InCopy, where words are your canvas, mastering spacing becomes an art form. Whether you're crafting a crisp report or a captivating novel, manipulating the spaces between lines, paragraphs, and even words can significantly enhance your text's readability and impact. So, let's dive into the world of InCopy spacing and unlock the secrets to beautifully balanced pages!

The Tools of the Trade:

Your primary tools for controlling spacing reside in the Paragraph panel (Window > Type and Tables > Paragraph) and the Control panel (Window > Control).

Essential Spacing Options:

  • Line Spacing: Breathe life into your text by adjusting the Leading (vertical space between lines) and Line Spacing (space between baselines of adjacent lines). Experiment with values like Single1.5 lines, or even Multiple for specific effects.
  • Paragraph Spacing: Control the space before and after paragraphs using Spacing Before and Spacing After. Tighten them for a compact look or loosen them for visual separation.
  • Indents and Tabs: Define the paragraph's "shoulders" with Left IndentRight Indent, and First Line Indent. Use Tabs to create specific indentation points within paragraphs, ideal for lists or quotations.

Advanced Spacing Techniques:

  • Hanging Indents: Make your lists stand out with Hanging Indent, where the first line remains un-indented.
  • Drop Caps: Add visual interest with Drop Caps, controlling their size, position, and even custom character styles.
  • Character Spacing: Fine-tune the space between individual characters using Tracking (overall spacing) and Kerning (space between specific pairs).

Beyond the Basics:

  • Paragraph Styles: Save time and ensure consistency by creating reusable Paragraph Styles with pre-defined spacing settings. Apply them to multiple paragraphs with a single click.
  • OpenType Features: Explore advanced typographic options like Ligatures (combining characters) for specific fonts, improving character spacing and readability.


  • Clarity is King: Prioritize spacing for optimal readability. Don't crowd your text, but avoid excessive gaps that disrupt visual flow.
  • Context Matters: Adapt your spacing choices to the tone and purpose of your document. A formal report might require tighter spacing than a playful children's book.
  • Balance is Beautiful: Experiment with different spacing options and find the sweet spot that strikes a balance between visual appeal and functionality.

With these tips and techniques, you're equipped to transform your InCopy documents from simply written to visually captivating. So, go forth, experiment with spacing, and let your words breathe and shine on the page!

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