Lightroom Tutorial: Remove Lens Dust

Lens dust, also known as sensor dust, can appear as small, dark spots in your photos, often ruining otherwise perfect shots. These dust particles accumulate on the camera’s sensor, causing them to block light and create unwanted spots in the image. While it’s impossible to completely eliminate lens dust, Lightroom offers effective tools to remove these distracting spots from your photos.

Identifying Lens Dust

Before attempting to remove lens dust, it’s crucial to distinguish between lens dust and actual elements in the scene. Lens dust typically appears as small, dark, and out-of-focus spots, often more noticeable in solid areas of the image, such as the sky or a plain wall.

Removing Lens Dust with Lightroom

Lightroom provides two primary methods for removing lens dust:

1. Using the Healing Brush Tool

The Healing Brush tool is a versatile tool for removing imperfections in your photos. In the Develop module, select the Healing Brush tool. Set the Brush Mode to “Heal” and adjust the brush size to match the size of the dust spots. Click and drag the brush over the dust spots to clone and blend the surrounding pixels, effectively removing the dust from the image.

2. Using the Spot Removal Tool

The Spot Removal tool offers a more precise approach to removing lens dust. Select the Spot Removal tool and set the tool type to “Dust” or “Precise.” Click on the dust spots to mark them for removal. Lightroom will automatically analyze the surrounding pixels and remove the dust spots, blending them seamlessly into the image.

Additional Tips

  • Zoom in for Precision: Zoom in closely to the dust spots to ensure precise removal.
  • Adjust Brush Opacity: Adjust the brush opacity to control the intensity of the healing effect. A lower opacity creates a more subtle blend.
  • Use Feathering: Adjust the feathering settings to control the transition between the healed area and the surrounding pixels. A higher feathering creates a more seamless blend.
  • Handle Large Dust Spots: For larger dust spots, use the Healing Brush tool with the “Clone” option and sample from a nearby area of the image that closely resembles the dust spot’s surroundings.


Removing lens dust from your photos can significantly enhance their appearance and professionalism. By utilizing Lightroom’s Healing Brush and Spot Removal tools, you can effectively eliminate these distracting spots and create clean, polished images. Remember to practice and experiment with different settings to achieve the best results for each photo.