Lightroom Tutorial: Edit Photos in Lightroom on a Mobile Device

Lightroom Mobile, a free mobile app from Adobe, offers a comprehensive set of tools for editing photos on your smartphone or tablet. With its simplified interface and streamlined workflow, Lightroom Mobile makes it easy to enhance your images and create stunning visual narratives, even on the go.

Essential Editing Panels

Lightroom Mobile provides a structured workflow for editing your photos, organized into intuitive panels:

  1. Presets Panel: Explore a variety of presets to quickly apply stylistic adjustments to your photos, transforming the mood and style with a single tap.
  2. Basic Panel: Adjust fundamental aspects of your photo, including Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites, and Blacks, laying the foundation for your editing.
  3. Tone Curve Panel: Fine-tune the contrast and tonal relationships in your image with more precision, creating a customized look.
  4. Details Panel: Sharpen edges to enhance crispness and apply noise reduction to minimize unwanted grain, particularly in low-light images.
  5. HSL (Hue, Saturation, Luminance) Panel: Selectively control individual colors in your photo by adjusting their hue, saturation, and luminance, enhancing or subduing specific color ranges as needed.
  6. Effects Panel: Add creative effects like vignetting, grain, and haze to enhance the mood and style of your image.
  7. Geometry Panel: Correct perspective distortions, adjust aspect ratios, and straighten lines to refine the overall geometry of your photo.
  8. Optics Panel: Address common lens distortions, such as vignetting, chromatic aberration, and lens profile corrections, ensuring accurate representation of the scene.
  9. Color Calibration Panel: Correct color casts and ensure accurate color representation by adjusting the white balance and using color calibration tools.

Editing Workflow

  1. Import Photos: Import your photos from your device’s camera roll or cloud storage into Lightroom Mobile.
  2. Initial Adjustments: Start by making fundamental adjustments in the Basic panel to establish the overall tonal balance and contrast of your image.
  3. Enhance Tonal Relationships: Utilize the Tone Curve panel for more precise control over contrast and tonal relationships, adding depth and dimension to your image.
  4. Refine Colors with HSL: Employ the HSL panel to selectively enhance or subdue specific colors, creating a more vibrant or harmonious color palette.
  5. Sharpen and Reduce Noise: Use the Details panel to sharpen edges for increased crispness and apply noise reduction to minimize unwanted grain or noise.
  6. Apply Creative Effects: Experiment with the Effects panel to add subtle or dramatic creative effects, such as vignetting or grain, to enhance the mood and style of your image.
  7. Geometry Corrections: Use the Geometry and Optics panels to address common lens distortions and correct perspective distortions, ensuring accurate representation of the scene.
  8. Finalize Colors: Utilize the Color Calibration panel to fine-tune color accuracy and neutralize any unwanted color casts.
  9. Save and Share: Save your edited photos in your desired format and share them with others via social media, messaging apps, or email.

Additional Tips

  • Utilize Lightroom Cloud Sync: Ensure your Lightroom mobile library is synced with Lightroom desktop to access and edit photos seamlessly across devices.
  • Master the Presets Panel: Explore various presets to quickly apply stylistic adjustments and find inspiration for your editing style.
  • Experiment with Manual Adjustments: Go beyond presets and explore manual adjustments in each panel to develop your own unique editing style.
  • Focus on Selective Adjustments: Use tools like the Healing Brush and Spot Removal Brush to selectively remove imperfections and unwanted elements from your photos.
  • Embrace Creative Effects: Experiment with creative effects in the Effects panel to add a unique touch to your images and enhance their artistic expression.


Lightroom Mobile empowers you to transform your photos into stunning masterpieces on your mobile device. By understanding the purpose and functionality of each panel, utilizing Lightroom’s comprehensive editing tools, and embracing creative experimentation, you can confidently enhance your images and create captivating visual narratives from anywhere in the world.