Keeping Track of Your Team: Identifying Collaborators in Creative Cloud Libraries

Creative Cloud Libraries facilitate seamless collaboration by allowing you to share assets with colleagues. But keeping track of who has access to your libraries can be crucial. This article explores how to identify collaborators within your Creative Cloud Libraries.

Accessing the Collaboration List:

There are two primary ways to view the list of collaborators for a specific library:

1. Through the Creative Cloud Desktop App:

  1. Open the Creative Cloud desktop app.
  2. Click on the "Libraries" tab.
  3. Select the desired library from the list.
  4. Click on the "Manage Collaborators" button located at the bottom of the library panel.

2. Via the Creative Cloud Website:

  1. Log in to your Adobe account on the Creative Cloud website (
  2. Click on the "Libraries" tab.
  3. Select the desired library from the list.
  4. Click on the "Manage Collaborators" option located next to the library name.

Identifying Collaborator Details:

Once you access the "Manage Collaborators" section, you will see a list of individuals who have been granted access to the library. This list typically displays the following information for each collaborator:

  • Name: The full name of the collaborator associated with their Adobe ID.
  • Email Address: The email address used for their Adobe account.
  • Permission Level: This indicates whether the collaborator has "Can Edit" or "Can View" permissions within the library.

Understanding Permission Levels:

  • Can Edit: These collaborators have full access to the library. They can view, edit, add, delete, and even invite other collaborators (if owner permission allows).
  • Can View: These collaborators have a read-only view of the library. They can see and use the assets but cannot modify or manage them.

Additional Tips:

  • You can filter the list by permission level to easily identify individuals with specific access rights.
  • The owner of the library is always highlighted within the list.


Identifying collaborators in Creative Cloud Libraries is a straightforward process. By utilizing the "Manage Collaborators" feature, you can gain a clear understanding of who has access to your libraries and their corresponding permission levels. This information empowers you to effectively manage your collaborative workflow and maintain control over your shared assets.