Is Adobe Stock Included with Creative Cloud?

Adobe Creative Cloud is a suite of design and editing software that includes a wide range of applications, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premiere Pro. Adobe Stock is a stock photography and video service that is also owned by Adobe. However, Adobe Stock is not included with Creative Cloud subscriptions.

Why is Adobe Stock not included with Creative Cloud?

There are a few reasons why Adobe Stock is not included with Creative Cloud subscriptions. First, Adobe Stock is a separate business unit with its own revenue stream. Second, Adobe Stock is not a core part of the Creative Cloud experience, and many users may not need to use it. Third, Adobe Stock is a competitive marketplace, and Adobe wants to ensure that it is not giving away its competitive advantage by bundling it with Creative Cloud.

How can I access Adobe Stock?

There are two ways to access Adobe Stock:

  • Subscribe to Adobe Stock: This will give you access to millions of high-quality stock images, videos, and illustrations.
  • Buy credits: This will allow you to purchase individual stock assets without subscribing to a plan.

Which option is right for me?

The best option for you will depend on your usage of Adobe Stock. If you are a heavy user of stock assets, then subscribing to Adobe Stock is a good option. If you only need to use stock assets occasionally, then buying credits is a more affordable option.

Is there a free trial for Adobe Stock?

Yes, Adobe Stock offers a free trial that gives you access to 10 free stock assets per month.

I have a Creative Cloud subscription. Can I get a discount on Adobe Stock?

Yes, Adobe offers a discount on Adobe Stock for Creative Cloud subscribers. You can save up to 20% on your Adobe Stock subscription when you sign up through your Creative Cloud account.

I hope this article has helped to answer your questions about Adobe Stock and Creative Cloud.