Is Adobe Fresco Available for Mac?

Unfortunately, Adobe Fresco is currently not available for Mac computers. While it is available for iOS devices and Windows computers, there is no official release date or timeline for an macOS version.

There are a few reasons why Adobe Fresco may not be available for Mac yet. One reason is that Apple’s proprietary graphics rendering technology, Metal, may not be fully compatible with the features that Fresco relies on. Additionally, Adobe may be prioritizing the development of Fresco for other platforms, such as Android, which has a larger user base.

However, there is still a possibility that Adobe Fresco could come to Mac in the future. The app has been met with positive reviews from users, and there is a growing demand for it on Mac. If Adobe sees enough interest and demand, they may be more likely to invest in developing a Mac version.

For now, Mac users who want to experience the power of Fresco can use it through the Apple Sidecar feature, which allows them to use their iPad as a secondary display or touchscreen for their Mac. This is not a perfect solution, but it can provide a similar experience to using Fresco on a dedicated Mac app.

Overall, it is unclear whether or not Adobe Fresco will ever be released for Mac. However, there are some reasons to be hopeful, and Mac users can continue to check for updates from Adobe in the meantime.

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