How to Unlink InCopy Content from InDesign

In collaborative design workflows, InDesign and InCopy work hand-in-hand, allowing content writers to edit text within an InCopy file while designers manage the layout in InDesign. However, there might come a time when you need to break this link and fully embed the InCopy content into the InDesign document. Here's how to unlink InCopy from InDesign:

Understanding the Process:

Unlinking essentially severs the connection between the InDesign document and the linked InCopy file. The text content previously editable in InCopy becomes permanently embedded within the InDesign file, eliminating the need for further collaboration through InCopy.

Steps to Unlink:

  1. Open the InDesign document: Launch InDesign and open the document containing the linked InCopy content.
  2. Access the Links panel: Go to Window > Links to open the links panel. This panel displays all the linked resources used in your InDesign document, including InCopy files.
  3. Select the InCopy file: In the Links panel, locate the file with the .icml or .incx extension (depending on your InDesign version). Click on the file name to select it.
  4. Unlink the content: From the Links panel menu (usually three dots), choose Unlink. This action severs the connection between the InDesign document and the selected InCopy file.

Important Considerations:

  • Unlinking is permanent: Once you unlink, you cannot revert to the original workflow requiring InCopy editing. The content becomes embedded within the InDesign file.
  • Content editing: After unlinking, you can only edit the text directly within InDesign. InCopy editing capabilities are no longer available.
  • Backup before unlinking: It's crucial to back up your InDesign and InCopy files before unlinking, especially if you might need to revert to the collaborative workflow in the future.

In Conclusion:

Unlinking InCopy from InDesign offers a way to consolidate the editing process within InDesign when collaboration through InCopy is no longer necessary. Remember to carefully consider the implications of unlinking before proceeding, and always back up your files beforehand.

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