How to Resize Image in Adobe Express

Resizing images is a fundamental skill for enhancing the visual appeal and usability of your designs. Whether you’re crafting social media posts, designing flyers, or creating presentations, resizing images allows you to adjust their dimensions to fit specific layouts, maintain visual balance, and optimize them for different viewing platforms. Adobe Express, a cloud-based creative platform, empowers users to effortlessly resize images, providing a user-friendly interface and intuitive tools that make image resizing accessible to anyone.


Before embarking on your image resizing journey, ensure you have the following:

  1. Adobe Express Account: Sign up for a free Adobe Express account or log in to your existing account.
  2. Active Project: Open the Adobe Express project where you want to resize an image.
  3. Image Selection: Identify the image within your project that you want to resize.

Step 1: Access Image Editing Options

  1. Locate the image within your Adobe Express project that you want to resize.
  2. Click on the image to activate its editing mode.
  3. A border with handles will appear around the image, indicating that it is selected.
  4. Identify the image editing panel or toolbar, which typically contains tools for adjusting image properties such as brightness, contrast, and saturation.

Step 2: Locate Resize Tool

  1. Within the image editing panel or toolbar, identify the resize tool icon. The resize tool icon may resemble an arrow pointing upwards or downwards, or a square with handles on its corners.
  2. Click on the resize tool icon to initiate the image resizing process.

Step 3: Choose Resize Method

  1. Adobe Express offers two primary resize methods: percentage-based resizing and pixel-based resizing.
  2. Percentage-based resizing allows you to resize the image by a specific percentage, such as 50% or 125%, relative to its original size.
  3. Pixel-based resizing allows you to define the exact width and height in pixels for the resized image.

Step 4: Adjust Image Dimensions

  1. Depending on the chosen resize method, enter the desired percentage value or input the specific width and height in pixels for the resized image.
  2. Utilize the preview window to visualize the resized image and ensure it aligns with your desired dimensions and layout requirements.

Step 5: Maintain Aspect Ratio

  1. To preserve the original aspect ratio of the image during resizing, enable the “Maintain Aspect Ratio” option.
  2. This ensures that the image proportions are maintained, preventing unwanted distortion or stretching of the image.

Step 6: Apply Resized Image

  1. Once satisfied with the resized image dimensions and aspect ratio, click on the “Apply” button or option to finalize the resizing operation.
  2. The resized image will replace the original image, retaining the specified dimensions and maintaining its visual integrity.

Step 7: Preview and Refine

  1. Regularly preview your Adobe Express project with the resized image to assess its visual impact and overall composition.
  2. Make adjustments to the image size, positioning, and aspect ratio if necessary to ensure the resized image seamlessly integrates with the design and enhances the visual storytelling.

Additional Tips

  1. Image Quality: Use high-quality images to retain clarity and detail when resizing.
  2. Large Reductions: Avoid excessive reductions in image size to prevent significant loss of detail and pixelation.
  3. Multiple Resizes: Experiment with different resizing options to find the optimal dimensions for your image and design layout.
  4. Social Media Optimization: Resize images for specific social media platforms to ensure optimal display and engagement.
  5. Design Harmony: Maintain a consistent image style and size throughout your Adobe Express project for a cohesive visual experience.


Resizing images with Adobe Express empowers users to effortlessly adapt their visuals to various design contexts and viewing environments. By following these steps, utilizing the provided resize tools, and incorporating these additional tips, you can transform your Adobe Express projects with precisely sized images that enhance the visual impact, maintain design harmony, and optimize your creations for different platforms. Embrace the power of image resizing and elevate your Adobe Express designs to new heights of visual appeal.