How to Remove Green Screen in Premiere Rush

Green screen technology has become increasingly popular in video editing, allowing filmmakers and content creators to seamlessly composite different backgrounds or visual effects onto a scene. However, removing green screen footage can be a daunting task, especially for beginners. Fortunately, Adobe Premiere Rush offers a straightforward process for eliminating green screens and creating professional-looking transitions.

Preparation and Setting Up the Project

Before you embark on removing the green screen, ensure that your footage is properly lit and free from any unwanted reflections or shadows. A well-lit background will make the chroma keying process more effective. Additionally, import your green screen footage into a new Premiere Rush project and organize the clips on the timeline.

Using the Chroma Key Feature

Premiere Rush’s chroma key feature utilizes color contrast to identify and remove the green background. To access this feature, navigate to the Effects panel and locate the Ultra Key effect. Drag and drop the Ultra Key effect onto the green screen clip on the timeline.

Adjusting the Chroma Key Settings

Once the Ultra Key effect is applied, you’ll need to adjust the settings to refine the chroma keying process. The Tolerance slider determines how sensitive the effect is to the green color, while the Softness slider controls the smoothness of the edge between the foreground (subject) and the background (green screen).

Optimizing the Matte Generation

The Matte Generation settings refine the edge refinement and background removal. The Screen Blend slider controls the opacity of the green screen, while the Edge Feather slider softens the edge between the subject and the background. The Spill Suppression slider minimizes any residual green color bleeding into the subject.

Fine-Tuning and Adjusting

Review the chroma keyed footage and make any necessary adjustments to the Ultra Key effect settings. The Threshold slider controls the sensitivity to color differences, while the Color Correction section allows for further refining the green color detection.

Adding Overlays and Backgrounds

Once the green screen is removed, you can add overlays, transitions, and backgrounds to your video. Premiere Rush provides a library of pre-made motion graphics and overlays, or you can create your own graphics using Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps.

Exporting the Final Video

With the edited video completed, export it to your desired format and resolution. Premiere Rush offers various export settings optimized for different social media platforms and devices.


By following these steps and using the Ultra Key effect effectively, you can remove green screens and create professional-looking videos in Premiere Rush. With practice and attention to detail, you can master the chroma keying process and enhance your video editing skills.