How to Reference Adobe Stock Images

When using Adobe Stock images in your projects, it’s crucial to provide proper attribution to the original creator. This ensures that the artist receives recognition for their work and complies with copyright laws. Here’s a guide on how to correctly reference Adobe Stock images:

1. Understand Licensing Terms

Before using an Adobe Stock image, carefully review the licensing terms for the image you select. This will inform you of the specific usage permissions and any attribution requirements.

2. Standard License Attribution

For images licensed under the Standard License, a simple attribution statement is typically sufficient. This statement should include the artist’s name, the image title, and the website “”

Example: Image by [Artist Name],

3. Extended License Attribution

If you have an Extended License, you may have access to additional usage rights, such as unlimited distribution and modification of the image. In such cases, the attribution statement may need to be more detailed, depending on the specific terms of the license.

4. Editorial Use Only License Attribution

For images licensed under the Editorial Use Only License, you should clearly indicate the editorial nature of your use. This could include statements like “For editorial use only” or “Used with permission from Adobe Stock.”

5. Proper Placement of Attribution

The placement of the attribution statement should be appropriate for the medium in which you are using the image. For printed materials, it should be placed near the image, preferably in the footer or credits section. In digital content, it can be placed in the image description or metadata.

6. Visual Credit Enhancement

Consider adding a visual credit tag alongside the image, such as a small text box or watermark with the artist’s name and the website “” This can add a professional touch and further emphasize proper attribution.

7. Respecting Copyright Ownership

While proper attribution is essential, it’s important to remember that you do not own the copyright to Adobe Stock images. The copyright remains with the original creator. Use the images within the scope of your license and avoid any misuse or alteration that could infringe on the artist’s rights.