How to Lower Pitch in Adobe Audition

Lowering pitch in Adobe Audition can be done by utilizing the pitch-shifting feature available within the software. This feature allows you to change the frequency of the audio, effectively lowering or raising the pitch without affecting the duration of the audio.

Using the Change Pitch Effect

To lower pitch in Adobe Audition using the Change Pitch effect, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Change Pitch Effect: Select the audio clip you want to alter and go to Effects > Time and Pitch > Change Pitch.
  2. Adjust the Pitch Shift: In the Change Pitch dialog box, you can adjust the pitch shift value in semitones. A negative value will lower the pitch, while a positive value will raise it.
  3. Adjust the Formant Shift: The formant shift controls the preservation of the natural tone of the voice. A higher formant shift value will preserve the original tone more effectively, while a lower value will result in a more robotic sound.
  4. Adjust the Dry/Wet Mix: The dry/wet mix determines the balance between the original audio and the pitch-shifted audio. A higher wet value will make the pitch shift more pronounced, while a lower wet value will retain more of the original audio.
  5. Preview the Pitch Shift: Click the Play button to preview the pitch-shifted audio. Adjust the pitch shift, formant shift, and dry/wet mix until you achieve the desired results.

Additional Techniques for Pitch Shifting

Here are some additional tips for lowering pitch in Adobe Audition:

  • Use small pitch shifts: Smaller pitch shifts tend to sound more natural and less robotic.
  • Use formant shifting to preserve vocal tone: Higher formant shift values will help to preserve the natural tone of the voice.
  • Be careful of artifacts: Excessive pitch shifting can introduce artifacts, such as pitch wavering or phasing.
  • Use the Auto Pitch Effect: Adobe Audition also offers a more automated approach to pitch shifting, the Auto Pitch effect. This effect analyzes the audio and automatically adjusts the pitch to match a specified target pitch.

By following these tips and techniques, you can effectively lower pitch in Adobe Audition to achieve a variety of creative effects, such as creating deeper voices, slower playback speeds, or more whimsical sounds.

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