How to Export Adobe Fresco to Illustrator

Adobe Fresco and Adobe Illustrator are both powerful creative software tools that offer unique features for digital artists. While Fresco is known for its versatility and natural painting capabilities, Illustrator excels in vector graphics editing and precise control.

If you’ve created artwork in Adobe Fresco and want to bring it into Adobe Illustrator, you’ll need to export your Fresco document as a compatible file format. Here’s how to do it:

1. Open Adobe Fresco and Select Your Document

Open the Adobe Fresco document you want to export to Illustrator. Ensure the document is finalized and ready to be transferred to the vector editing environment.

2. Access the Export Options

In the upper right corner of the Adobe Fresco interface, tap on the three dots icon and select “Share.” A menu will appear with various options for sharing your artwork.

3. Choose the Export Format

Scroll down the sharing options and select “Export.” A new window will appear with various file formats available for exporting your Fresco document.

4. Select Portable Document Format (PDF)

For optimal compatibility with Adobe Illustrator, choose the “Portable Document Format (PDF)” option. This format preserves the artwork’s vector elements and allows for seamless integration into Illustrator.

5. Adjust Export Settings (Optional)

You can optionally adjust the export settings to fine-tune the appearance of your artwork in PDF format. These settings include resolution, color space, and compression.

6. Save the PDF File

Once you’ve selected the “Portable Document Format (PDF)” option and adjusted any settings, tap on the “Save” button. Save the PDF file to a location accessible to Adobe Illustrator.

7. Open the Saved PDF in Adobe Illustrator

Launch Adobe Illustrator and open the saved PDF file. Illustrator will recognize the embedded vector content and automatically convert it into editable vector graphics.

8. Edit and Enhance Your Artwork

With your Fresco artwork now in Adobe Illustrator, you can further edit, refine, and enhance it using Illustrator’s advanced vector editing tools. You can manipulate individual elements, apply effects, and create intricate details.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly transfer your Adobe Fresco artwork to Adobe Illustrator and continue your creative journey with the versatility and precision of vector graphics editing.