How to Erase in Adobe Express

Erasers are indispensable tools in any artist’s toolkit, allowing them to refine their creations and achieve the desired aesthetic. Adobe Express, a popular graphic design tool, recognizes the importance of erasing and has equipped its users with a versatile Eraser tool that caters to a wide range of needs.

Unveiling the Eraser Tool

The Eraser tool in Adobe Express is conveniently located in the toolbar on the left-hand side of the interface. It is represented by an icon resembling a traditional eraser, making it easy to identify and access.

Customizing the Eraser’s Settings

To customize the Eraser tool’s settings, simply click on the tool icon in the toolbar. This will open the Eraser tool options panel, where you can adjust various parameters to achieve the desired erasing effect.

  • Size: Control the width of the eraser tip to erase fine details or broader areas with ease.
  • Hardness: Modify the hardness of the eraser, ranging from soft for gentle blending to hard for precise erasing.
  • Opacity: Adjust the transparency of the eraser, allowing for gradual removal of layers or complete eradication of elements.

Erasing with Precision

Using the Eraser tool is straightforward and intuitive. Simply click and hold your mouse or trackpad to activate the eraser and drag it over the areas you want to erase. For more precise erasing, utilize the Zoom tool to magnify the canvas and focus on specific details.

Erasing on Different Layers

Adobe Express supports multiple layers, enabling you to erase on specific layers without affecting the underlying layers. To erase on a particular layer, ensure that it is the active layer before using the Eraser tool.

Combining Erasing Techniques

The Eraser tool can be combined with other editing techniques to achieve refined results. For instance, you can use the Selection tool to isolate an area for precise erasing or utilize the Magic Eraser tool to quickly remove unwanted backgrounds.

Unlocking Creative Possibilities

The Eraser tool is not merely a means of removing mistakes; it can also be used for creative purposes. For example, you can create highlights or accents by selectively erasing portions of an image, or you can simulate the effect of traditional drawing mediums by erasing lines and shapes to create depth and texture.


The Eraser tool in Adobe Express is a powerful and versatile tool that empowers users to refine their creations and explore endless creative possibilities. With its customizable settings, intuitive operation, and compatibility with layers, the Eraser tool is an essential element in any Adobe Express user’s toolkit. So, embrace the power of erasing and embark on your creative journey with Adobe Express.