How to cut out an Image in Adobe Express

Cutting out images, also known as object removal or image masking, is a versatile technique that allows you to isolate specific objects or subjects within an image, removing the background and creating a transparent cutout. Adobe Express, a cloud-based creative platform, provides intuitive tools for cutting out images, empowering users to enhance their designs with precision and creativity. Whether you’re crafting social media posts, designing flyers, or creating presentations, Adobe Express’s image cutout tools make it simple to remove backgrounds, isolate subjects, and create unique visual compositions.


Before embarking on your image cutout journey, ensure you have the following:

  1. Adobe Express Account: Sign up for a free Adobe Express account or log in to your existing account.
  2. Active Project: Open the Adobe Express project where you want to cut out an image.
  3. Image Selection: Identify the image within your project that you want to cut out an object or subject from.

Step 1: Access Image Editing Options

  1. Locate the image within your Adobe Express project where you want to perform the image cutout.
  2. Click on the image to activate its editing mode.
  3. A border with handles will appear around the image, indicating that it is selected.
  4. Identify the image editing panel or toolbar, which typically contains tools for adjusting image properties such as brightness, contrast, and saturation.

Step 2: Locate Background Removal Tool

  1. Within the image editing panel or toolbar, identify the background removal tool icon. The background removal tool icon may resemble a wand, a lasso, or a magic eraser.
  2. Click on the background removal tool icon to initiate the image cutout process.

Step 3: Choose Background Removal Method

  1. Adobe Express offers various background removal methods, including automatic removal, manual removal, and edge refinement.
  2. Select the appropriate background removal method based on the complexity of the image and the desired level of precision.
  3. For automatic background removal, simply click on the image area containing the object or subject you want to isolate.
  4. For manual removal, utilize the selection tools to trace around the object or subject, defining the area you want to retain.

Step 4: Refine Image Cutout

  1. Utilize the edge refinement tools to precisely adjust the borders of the image cutout, ensuring the object or subject is cleanly separated from the background.
  2. Use the “Refine Edges” tool to smoothen the edges of the cutout and eliminate any unwanted artifacts.
  3. Adjust the “Feather” setting to control the softness of the transition between the cutout and the background.

Step 5: Apply Image Cutout

  1. Once satisfied with the image cutout, click on the “Apply” button or option to finalize the background removal process.
  2. The image cutout will be retained, allowing you to further edit and incorporate it into your Adobe Express project.

Step 6: Preview and Refine

  1. Regularly preview your Adobe Express project with the applied image cutout to assess its visual impact and overall composition.
  2. Make adjustments to the image cutout, edge refinement, and positioning if necessary to ensure the cutout seamlessly integrates with the design and enhances the visual storytelling.

Additional Tips

  1. Image Quality: Use high-quality images with clear edges and good contrast for optimal image cutout results.
  2. Complex Backgrounds: For complex backgrounds with intricate details, consider using manual removal tools for greater precision.
  3. Multiple Cutouts: Experiment with cutting out multiple objects or subjects from the same image to create unique and visually engaging compositions.
  4. Creative Applications: Utilize image cutouts to create overlays, layer elements, and add depth and dimension to your designs.
  5. Background Options: Explore various background options, such as solid colors, gradients, or patterns, to complement the image cutout and enhance the overall design.


Cutting out images is a powerful technique for enriching your Adobe Express creations with creativity and versatility. By following these steps and utilizing Adobe Express’s comprehensive image cutout tools, you can effortlessly remove backgrounds, isolate subjects, and transform your images into compelling visual elements that elevate your designs and resonate with your audience. Embrace the power of image cutout and embark on a journey of creative exploration with Adobe Express.