How to Change Text Vertically in Adobe InDesign

Changing text from horizontal to vertical orientation is a common task in graphic design, especially for creating eye-catching headlines, sidebars, and other design elements. Adobe InDesign offers two methods for achieving vertical text: using the Type on a Path tool and creating a text frame with rotated text.

Method 1: Using the Type on a Path Tool

  1. Select the Type on a Path Tool: Locate the Type on a Path tool in the Tools panel. It resembles a curved line with an uppercase “T” at the end.
  2. Draw a Vertical Path: Click and drag on the document to create a vertical path. The path can be straight or curved, depending on your design requirements.
  3. Start Typing: Click on the path to start typing text. The text will automatically follow the path’s orientation, appearing vertically aligned.
  4. Adjust Tracking (Optional): To adjust the spacing between characters, use the Tracking option in the Character panel.
  5. Fine-tune Text Placement: You can use the Selection tool to fine-tune the text’s position along the path.

Method 2: Creating a Text Frame with Rotated Text

  1. Create a Text Frame: Using the Rectangle Frame tool or Polygon Frame tool, create a text frame in the desired position.
  2. Enter Text: Double-click inside the text frame and type your text.
  3. Rotate Text Frame: Select the text frame and go to Object > Transform > Rotate. In the Rotate dialog box, enter a 90-degree rotation angle.
  4. Adjust Text Alignment: If necessary, use the Text Alignment options in the Control panel to adjust the text’s vertical alignment within the frame.

Additional Tips

  • You can use the same methods to change text to other angles besides vertical, such as diagonal or horizontal alignments.
  • Experiment with different fonts and text sizes to create visually appealing vertical text effects.
  • Use vertical text sparingly to avoid making your document difficult to read.

By following these methods and considering the additional tips, you can effectively change text vertically in Adobe InDesign, adding a unique and creative touch to your designs.

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