How to change Font in Adobe Express

Typography plays a pivotal role in shaping the visual appeal and conveying the message of your Adobe Express creations. Whether you’re crafting social media posts, designing flyers, or creating presentations, selecting the right font can elevate your designs and resonate with your target audience. Adobe Express empowers users to effortlessly change fonts, adding a touch of personalization and enhancing the overall impact of their designs.


Before embarking on your font customization journey, ensure you have the following:

  1. Adobe Express Account: Sign up for a free Adobe Express account or log in to your existing account.
  2. Active Project: Open the Adobe Express project where you want to modify the font.
  3. Text Element: Identify the text element within your project where you want to change the font.

Step 1: Access Text Editing Options

  1. Locate the text element within your Adobe Express project.
  2. Click on the text element to activate its editing mode.
  3. A text formatting panel will appear, allowing you to make modifications to the font style, size, and color.

Step 2: Explore Font Selection

  1. Within the text formatting panel, click on the font selection dropdown menu.
  2. A comprehensive list of fonts available for your project will be displayed.
  3. Scroll through the available fonts or use the search bar to quickly locate the desired font.

Step 3: Apply Font Selection

  1. Once you’ve identified the desired font, click on its name to apply it to the selected text element.
  2. Observe the text element to ensure the font change has been applied correctly.

Step 4: Preview and Refine

  1. Preview your Adobe Express project to visually assess the impact of the font change.
  2. Make any necessary adjustments to the font size, weight, or spacing to achieve the desired visual balance and readability.

Additional Tips

  1. Font Pairing: Consider pairing fonts harmoniously to create a visually appealing and consistent aesthetic.
  2. Readability: Ensure the chosen font maintains readability across various screen sizes and viewing distances.
  3. Brand Consistency: Align your font choices with your brand’s identity and overall design style.
  4. Explore Font Categories: Adobe Express categorizes fonts based on style, making it easier to find suitable fonts for your project’s theme.
  5. Utilize Premium Fonts: If you’re a Premium subscriber, you’ll have access to an extended library of premium fonts, offering more creative options.


Changing fonts in Adobe Express is a straightforward process that empowers users to personalize their designs and enhance their visual appeal. By carefully selecting fonts and considering their impact on readability and brand consistency, you can elevate your Adobe Express creations and effectively convey your message to your audience. Adobe Express’s user-friendly interface, comprehensive font selection, and intuitive editing tools make font customization accessible to anyone, regardless of their design expertise.