How to Center a Title in Premiere Pro

Centring a title is a crucial step in composing a visually appealing and professional video. Adobe Premiere Pro, a widely used video editing software, offers several methods for centering titles. These methods range from straightforward drag-and-drop techniques to precise alignment tools.

Method 1: Using the Essential Graphics Panel

  1. Creating the Title: Begin by accessing the Title tool by clicking the “T” icon in the toolbar (1). Click and drag a box in the program monitor (2) to create a text box. Type the desired title into the box.
  2. Centering Horizontally: Select the title layer in the timeline (3). Open the Essential Graphics panel by clicking on the “Window” menu and selecting “Essential Graphics” (4). Click on the “Align” icon (5) and choose “Align Center Horizontally” (6). The title will now be perfectly centered across the horizontal axis.
  3. Optional: Centering Vertically: To center the title vertically, repeat the process from step 2, but select “Align Center Vertically” instead of “Align Center Horizontally”.

Method 2: Employing Rulers and Guides

  1. Activating Rulers: Enable rulers by clicking on the “View” menu and selecting “Rulers” (1). Rulers will appear on the top and left sides of the program monitor.
  2. Creating Guides: Click on the “Snap Graphics” button in the top right corner of the program monitor (2). Click and drag from the top ruler (3) to the bottom ruler (4) to create a vertical guide. Repeat the process to add a horizontal guide.
  3. Positioning the Title Layer: Drag and drop the title layer onto the program monitor (5). The title will automatically attach to the guides.
  4. Fine-tuning Positioning: Fine-tune the title’s position by dragging it around the program monitor (6). Use the guides to ensure it is perfectly centered.

Additional Tips for Centering Titles

• Make sure the “Snap to Guides” option is enabled to guarantee accurate positioning.

• If using the Essential Graphics panel, the title can be centered vertically by selecting “Align Center Vertically” after aligning it horizontally.

• For meticulous positioning, utilize the “Transform” tool (W) to adjust the title’s position and scale.


Mastering title centering in Premiere Pro is crucial for creating visually appealing and professionally presented videos. By following these methods and tips, you can effortlessly achieve centered titles that enhance the overall aesthetic of your productions.

Example of Centering a Title Using Essential Graphics:

  1. Create the title using the Title tool.
  2. Center the title horizontally in the Essential Graphics panel.
  3. Optionally center the title vertically in the Essential Graphics panel.

Example of Centering a Title Using Rulers and Guides:

  1. Enable rulers and guides.
  2. Position the title layer using the guides.
  3. Fine-tune the title’s position using the guides and the mouse.