How to Center a Photo in Premiere Pro

Centring a photo is a fundamental technique in video editing, ensuring a clean and professional presentation. Premiere Pro, a widely used video editing software, offers several methods to center a photo. These methods range from utilizing the Essential Graphics panel to employing traditional ruler and guide techniques.

Method 1: Using the Essential Graphics Panel

  1. Import the Photo: Begin by importing the photo you want to center. Drag and drop the photo file into the Premiere Pro project window. This will create a new photo layer in the timeline.
  2. Access Essential Graphics: Navigate to the “Graphics” tab in the top menu bar. Click the “New Layer” icon, and select “From File”. Choose the photo file you imported earlier and click “Import”. The photo layer will now appear within the Essential Graphics panel.
  3. Center the Photo: Select the photo layer in the timeline. Activate the Essential Graphics panel. Click the “Align” button and choose “Align Center Horizontally”. Align the photo vertically using the “Align Center Vertically” option. This will perfectly center the photo on both axes.

Method 2: Employing Rulers and Guides

  1. Activate Rulers: Click the “View” menu and select “Rulers”. Horizontal and vertical rulers will appear on the program monitor.
  2. Create Guides: Click the “Snap Graphics” button in the top right corner of the program monitor. Next, click and drag from the top ruler to the bottom ruler to create a vertical guide. Repeat this process to add a horizontal guide.
  3. Drag and Drop the Photo: Drag and drop the photo file onto the program monitor. The photo will automatically snap to the guides.
  4. Fine-tune Positioning: Precise positioning can be achieved by dragging the photo around the program monitor. Adjust the photo’s position until it is perfectly centered between the guides.


By following these methods, you can easily center a photo in Premiere Pro. This simple technique will enhance the visual appeal of your videos and ensure a professional presentation.