How to Center a Logo in Premiere Pro

Centring a logo is an important step in creating a visually appealing and impactful video. Premiere Pro is a popular video editing software that makes it easy to center a logo. There are a few different ways to do this, but the easiest is to use the Essential Graphics panel.

Method 1: Using the Essential Graphics Panel

Start by importing the logo you want to center. You can do this by dragging and dropping the logo file into the Premiere Pro project window.

2. Open the Essential Graphics Panel:

Click on the Graphics tab in the top menu bar. Then, click on the New Layer icon and select From File. Select the logo file you imported in step 1 and click Import.

3. Center the Logo Horizontally and Vertically:

Select the logo layer in the timeline. Then, click on the Essential Graphics panel. In the panel, click on the Align button and select Align Center Horizontally. Then, click on Align again and select Align Center Vertically.

Method 2: Using Rulers and Guides

1. Show Rulers:

Click on the View menu and select Rulers. Rulers will appear on the top and left side of the program monitor.

2. Add Guides:

Click on the Snap Graphics button in the top right corner of the program monitor. Then, click and drag from the top ruler to the bottom ruler to create a vertical guide. Repeat this process to create a horizontal guide.

Drag and drop the logo file into the program monitor. The logo will snap to the guides.

4. Adjust Position:

Fine-tune the position of the logo by dragging it around the program monitor. The logo should now be centered horizontally and vertically.


By following these methods, you can easily center a logo in Premiere Pro. This will help you create visually appealing and impactful videos.