How Much Can You Earn from Adobe Stock?

Adobe Stock is a popular platform for selling and purchasing stock photos, illustrations, graphics, vectors, and videos. It’s a great way to make money as a photographer, illustrator, or graphic designer. However, how much you can earn from Adobe Stock will vary depending on several factors.

Your experience and quality of work

Experienced photographers or illustrators with a proven track record of high-quality work are more likely to earn higher royalties from their Adobe Stock submissions. A good portfolio of high-quality images will attract more downloads and, therefore, higher earnings.

The demand for your work

The demand for your specific type of work will also affect your earnings. For example, images of popular travel destinations or stock photos of everyday objects tend to be more in demand than niche or specialized images.

Adobe Stock’s commission rate

Adobe Stock pays its contributors a commission of 33% on each paid download of their work. This means that for every $100 worth of Adobe Stock credits that a customer uses to purchase your image, you’ll receive $33.

Your number of downloads

Your earnings will directly correlate with the number of downloads your contributions receive. If you have a lot of high-quality images that are in demand, you’re more likely to receive a large number of downloads and, therefore, higher earnings.

Your payment frequency

Adobe Stock pays its contributors via PayPal on a monthly basis. However, you must have a minimum of $50 in your account before you can withdraw your earnings.

Realistic earnings expectations

According to Adobe Stock, contributors typically earn between $0.33 and $26.40 per image download. However, some contributors have reported earning significantly more than this. For example, one contributor reported earning over $70,000 in a single year.

Tips for increasing your earnings

There are a few things you can do to increase your earnings on Adobe Stock:

  • Upload high-quality images that are in demand: This is the most important factor in increasing your earnings.
  • Create a wide variety of images: This will help you appeal to a wider audience and increase your chances of getting more downloads.
  • Optimize your images for search: This will make it more likely that people will find your images when they’re searching for stock photos.
  • Use social media to promote your work: This can help you reach a wider audience and attract more buyers.
  • Participate in contests and challenges: This is a great way to get your work seen by more people and increase your chances of getting it downloaded.


Adobe Stock can be a great way to make money as a photographer, illustrator, or graphic designer. However, it’s important to set realistic expectations and put in the time and effort to create high-quality work.

Here are some additional tips for increasing your earnings on Adobe Stock:

  • Target your images to specific niches: If you focus on a few specific niches, you can develop a reputation as an expert in those areas and attract more buyers.
  • Collaborate with other photographers or designers: This can help you create more diverse and interesting images.
  • Offer custom images and packages: This can be a great way to earn more money from high-demand images.
  • Provide exceptional customer service: This will help you build relationships with buyers and encourage them to return for more.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of success as an Adobe Stock contributor and earn a healthy income from your work.