How Many Generative Credits Do I Get in Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps

Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps allows you to create and share interactive experiences known as “Firefly Experiences” directly from Photoshop. Firefly Experiences are powered by Adobe’s innovative Generative AI, which can generate a wide variety of visual elements, such as:

  • Shapes
  • Text
  • Images
  • Illustrations
  • 3D models

To use Generative AI, you need to use generative credits, which are a limited resource. The number of generative credits that you get depends on your Creative Cloud All Apps subscription plan.

Generative Credits in Creative Cloud All Apps Subscription Plans

Subscription Plan | Generative Credits

Individual | 1,000 credits per month

Creative Cloud for Teams | 10,000 credits per month

Creative Cloud for Enterprise | 100,000 credits per month

Using Generative Credits for Firefly Experiences

When you create a Firefly Experience, you will be asked to select how many generative credits to use. The number of credits that you use will determine the complexity of the generated content. For example, using more credits will allow you to generate more detailed and complex shapes, text, images, illustrations, and 3D models.

Generative Credits for Existing Firefly Experiences

If you have already created a Firefly Experience, you can add generative credits to it by clicking on the “Upgrade” button. The upgrade will increase the complexity of the generated content in your Firefly Experience.

Redeeming Generative Credits

If you run out of generative credits, you can purchase more through your Creative Cloud account. Generative credits are also available as part of some Adobe Creative Cloud memberships.

Tips for Managing Generative Credits

Here are a few tips for managing your generative credits:

  • Start with a small number of credits and increase them as needed.
  • Use simple shapes, text, images, illustrations, and 3D models to conserve credits.
  • Use advanced features, such as textures and materials, sparingly.

Conclusion Generative credits are a valuable resource for creating compelling Firefly Experiences with Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps. By following these tips, you can maximize your generative credits and create stunning interactive experiences.