Essential InCopy Keyboard Shortcuts

In the fast-paced world of content creation, efficiency is key. InCopy, designed for seamless collaboration with InDesign, offers a range of keyboard shortcuts to streamline your workflow and boost productivity. Here's your guide to the essential InCopy shortcuts you need to know:


  • Move around the document:
    • Arrow keys: Move cursor up, down, left, right.
    • Home/End: Move to the beginning/end of a line.
    • Page Up/Down: Move one page up/down (in Layout view).
    • Ctrl+Shift+Page Up/Down (Windows) / Command+Shift+Page Up/Down (Mac): Move to first/last page (in Layout view).
  • Select text:
    • Shift + Arrow keys: Extend selection in the corresponding direction.
    • Ctrl+A (Windows) / Command+A (Mac): Select all text in the document.


  • Applying styles:
    • Use the assigned keyboard shortcut for each style (usually Ctrl+number or Command+number).
  • Character formatting:
    • Ctrl+B (Windows) / Command+B (Mac): Bold.
    • Ctrl+I (Windows) / Command+I (Mac): Italic.
    • Ctrl+U (Windows) / Command+U (Mac): Underline.
  • Paragraph formatting:
    • Ctrl+Enter (Windows) / Command+Enter (Mac): Insert a new line after the selected text.
    • Shift+Ctrl+Enter (Windows) / Shift+Command+Enter (Mac): Insert a new line before the selected text.


  • Cut, copy, and paste:
    • Ctrl+X (Windows) / Command+X (Mac): Cut.
    • Ctrl+C (Windows) / Command+C (Mac): Copy.
    • Ctrl+V (Windows) / Command+V (Mac): Paste.
  • Undo and redo:
    • Ctrl+Z (Windows) / Command+Z (Mac): Undo.
    • Ctrl+Y (Windows) / Command+Y (Mac): Redo.


  • Track changes:
    • F11: Toggle track changes on/off.

Additional Tips:

  • Customize shortcuts: InCopy allows you to customize keyboard shortcuts to fit your preferences. Go to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts to explore this option.
  • Utilize the Help menu: The Help menu within InCopy offers a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts and their functionalities.

By mastering these essential InCopy shortcuts, you can significantly improve your workflow, saving time and effort while creating high-quality content. Remember, practice and consistent use will solidify these shortcuts in your muscle memory, allowing you to navigate InCopy with ease.

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