Eina: A Modern Serif Blended with Elegance and Warmth

In the vast landscape of typefaces, many strive to stand out with bold statements or quirky personalities. Yet, Eina, designed by Íñigo Jerez for Extratype, offers a different approach. This contemporary serif font embodies a captivating blend of modernity and warmth, creating a sophisticated presence without sacrificing readability or versatility.

From Iberian Inspiration to Global Appeal

While Eina's clean lines and geometric touches reflect modern design sensibilities, its roots lie in the humanistic serifs of the Spanish Renaissance. This influence manifests in subtle curves and delicate details, lending the font a touch of warmth and character. This harmonious merging of historical inspiration and contemporary aesthetics allows Eina to resonate with a global audience seeking a timeless serif experience.

Unveiling Eina's Key Features

Several key elements contribute to Eina's unique personality and functionality:

  • Midline contrast: The subtle difference in stroke thickness between thick and thin strokes improves readability without sacrificing elegance.
  • Open apertures: Generous letter openings ensure clarity, especially in smaller sizes, making Eina a perfect choice for both print and digital applications.
  • Wide language support: Eina's extensive character set allows for multilingual communication, embracing diverse audiences and projects.
  • Extensive family range: With 32 styles encompassing various weights, italics, and even a playful inline version, Eina offers flexibility to tailor the font to specific design needs.

Where Eina Makes a Mark

Eina's versatility shines across various design domains:

  • Branding and marketing materials: Its refined aesthetic adds a touch of sophistication to logos, brochures, and website design.
  • Editorial design: The excellent readability makes it ideal for body text in magazines, books, and reports.
  • User interfaces: The clear letterforms and multiple weights enhance user experience in digital applications, ensuring accessibility and clarity.
  • Formal documents: Eina's elegance lends itself well to invitations, certificates, and other formal documents.

Beyond the Surface

Eina is more than just a pretty face. It prioritizes functionality and user experience:

  • Expert kerning and spacing: The meticulous spacing between letters ensures optimal readability, even in complex layouts.
  • OpenType features: Optional stylistic sets and ligatures offer additional customization possibilities for designers seeking a more personalized touch.

Is Eina Right for You?

Eina's versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of projects. However, its modern interpretation of the serif style might not suit designs seeking a more traditional or ornate look.


Eina stands out as a modern serif font that blends elegance, warmth, and functionality. Its diverse family, clear letterforms, and global accessibility make it a versatile choice for designers seeking a typeface that elevates their projects with sophistication and readability. Whether you're crafting a brand identity, designing a website, or creating a formal document, Eina deserves a place in your font toolbox.

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