Do Adobe Stock Credits Expire?

Yes, Adobe Stock credits do expire after one year from the date of purchase. This means that if you purchase a credit pack today, the credits will expire on the same day next year. The exception to this rule is for users in Japan, where credits expire after six months.

There are a few reasons why Adobe Stock credits expire. One reason is to encourage users to use their credits regularly. If credits didn’t expire, users could purchase a large number of credits and then only use them when they needed them, which would make it difficult for Adobe to maintain a consistent revenue stream.

Another reason for the expiration policy is to ensure that the Adobe Stock library is always fresh and up-to-date. If credits didn’t expire, users would be able to accumulate credits for years and then use them to download older assets that may not be as relevant or in demand as newer assets. By expiring credits, Adobe is able to ensure that the library is constantly being refreshed with new and exciting content.

Finally, the expiration policy helps to prevent users from purchasing credits and then reselling them illegally. If credits didn’t expire, users could purchase credits in bulk and then sell them on the black market. This would put a strain on Adobe’s revenue and could also lead to copyright infringement.

How Can I Avoid Credit Expiration?

There are a few things you can do to avoid Adobe Stock credit expiration:

  • Use your credits regularly. The more you use your credits, the less likely they are to expire.
  • Rollover unused credits. Adobe Stock allows you to rollover unused credits up to a maximum of 120. This means that you can accumulate credits over time and use them to offset the cost of future credit packs.
  • Purchase a subscription plan. Adobe Stock subscription plans offer a more convenient and cost-effective way to access stock assets. With a subscription plan, you don’t have to worry about credits expiring, and you can access a wider variety of assets.


Adobe Stock credit expiration is a policy that is designed to benefit both Adobe and Adobe Stock users. By expiring credits, Adobe is able to maintain a consistent revenue stream, keep the library fresh, and prevent illegal reselling. Users can avoid credit expiration by using their credits regularly, rolling over unused credits, or purchasing a subscription plan.