Deselecting in Adobe Fresco: The Command + D or Ctrl + D Shortcut

Adobe Fresco, a powerful digital painting and drawing app, allows you to work with multiple layers and selections. When you’re finished working with a particular selection, it’s important to deselect it so you can start working on something else. The Command + D or Ctrl + D shortcut is a quick and easy way to deselect everything in your current document.

Here’s how to deselect in Adobe Fresco

Press Command + D on Mac or Ctrl + D on Windows.

This will deselect everything in your current document. The selection marquee will disappear, and your cursor will return to its normal shape.

Here is a table that summarizes the deselection shortcut for Adobe Fresco:

Platform | Shortcut

iOS | None
macOS | Command + D
Windows | Ctrl + D

Why is it important to deselect?

There are several reasons why it’s important to deselect after you’ve finished working with a particular selection.

  • Preventing accidental edits: When you have a selection active, any brushstrokes or changes you make will only affect the selected area. If you want to make changes to the entire canvas, it’s important to deselect first.
  • Clearing the selection marquee: The selection marquee can be distracting and obstruct your view of your artwork. Deselecting will remove the marquee and make it easier to see your entire canvas.
  • Starting fresh: If you’re working on a new painting or drawing, it’s important to clear any previous selections before you start. This will ensure that your new work is not affected by any previous edits.

By mastering the deselect shortcut, you can streamline your workflow and ensure that your creative process is as efficient as possible.