Demystifying the Galley View: A Writer's Haven in InCopy

For writers and editors working with InCopy, the software offers various viewing modes to optimize their workflow and experience. One such mode, the Galley View, provides a unique and advantageous environment specifically tailored for efficient text processing and editing.

What is a Galley View in InCopy?

Imagine a dedicated space designed solely for focusing on the written content, free from distractions and layout elements. That's precisely what the Galley View offers. It presents the text content in a continuous flow, independent of the final layout in InCopy's linked InDesign document. This view displays the following key elements:

  • Lines of text: The content appears as a continuous stream of lines, resembling a traditional galley proof used in the printing industry.
  • Line breaks: Line breaks are displayed based on the settings in the Galley & Story Appearance toolbar, not necessarily reflecting the final layout.
  • Font and size: You can customize the font, size, and line spacing for better readability and editing comfort, independent of the final design choices in InDesign.
  • Overset indicators: If the text exceeds the space allocated in the InDesign layout, overset indicators mark the point where the text needs adjustment.

Benefits of using the Galley View:

  • Enhanced focus: By removing layout elements, the Galley View eliminates distractions, allowing writers and editors to concentrate solely on the content, improving focus and efficiency.
  • Improved readability: The ability to customize font size and spacing creates a more comfortable reading environment, especially for editing larger chunks of text.
  • Streamlined editing: The continuous text flow facilitates smooth navigation and editing, making it easier to review, adjust, and fine-tune the content.
  • Copyfitting awareness: Overset indicators provide a clear visual cue when the text exceeds the designated space, allowing writers to adjust their content accordingly.

When to use the Galley View:

  • Initial writing and editing: The Galley View is ideal for the initial stages of writing and editing, allowing writers to focus on content creation and refinement without being hindered by layout considerations.
  • Extensive content editing: When working on large sections of text, the Galley View provides a comfortable and efficient environment for editing and reviewing content.
  • Collaboration: When collaborating on text content, the Galley View facilitates seamless exchange and review of edited sections, focusing solely on the textual aspects.

In conclusion, the Galley View in InCopy serves as a valuable tool for writers and editors by offering a dedicated space for focused and efficient text processing. By eliminating layout distractions and providing customizable viewing options, the Galley View empowers users to streamline their workflow and produce high-quality content.

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