Collaboration Control: Can Collaborators Remove Others in Creative Cloud Libraries?

Creative Cloud Libraries offer a collaborative space for teams to share and access assets across Adobe applications. However, maintaining control over who can access and modify these assets is crucial. This article explores the ability of collaborators to remove other collaborators from libraries.

The Power of Ownership:

In Creative Cloud Libraries, only the owner has the authority to remove collaborators. This ensures that the individual who created the library and holds ultimate responsibility for its content retains control over access.

Collaborator Permissions:

Collaborators, even those with "Can Edit" permissions, cannot directly remove other collaborators. Their role focuses on editing, managing, and utilizing the library assets within the granted permissions.

Maintaining Order and Accountability:

Limiting removal capabilities to the owner prevents potential conflicts, accidental deletions, or unauthorized changes to the collaboration structure. It also ensures clear accountability for managing access and maintaining the integrity of the library content.

Alternatives for Collaboration Management:

If a collaborator needs to restrict access for another user, they can communicate their concerns to the owner. The owner can then assess the situation and:

  • Remove the collaborator: If deemed necessary, the owner can directly remove the collaborator's access.
  • Adjust permissions: The owner can modify the collaborator's permissions from "Can Edit" to "Can View," restricting their ability to modify the library content.

Effective Communication is Key:

Open communication between collaborators and the owner is essential for managing access effectively. Collaborators should clearly explain their concerns and suggest appropriate solutions, while the owner makes informed decisions based on project requirements and maintaining a productive collaboration environment.


While collaborators cannot directly remove others from Creative Cloud Libraries, clear communication and alternative solutions enable effective collaboration management. By understanding the limitations and utilizing available options, teams can ensure controlled access and a smooth workflow for their creative projects.