Collaborate on Libraries using the Creative Cloud Website

Creative Cloud Libraries offer a powerful tool for organizing and accessing your design assets across various Adobe applications. But their true potential shines when you share them with collaborators, fostering seamless teamwork and boosting creative efficiency. This article guides you through the process of sharing Creative Cloud libraries directly from the Creative Cloud website.

Sharing with Specific Collaborators

1. Accessing Your Libraries:

  • Sign in to your Adobe account on the Creative Cloud website (
  • Click on "Your Libraries" under the "Files" tab on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

2. Selecting the Library and Initiating Sharing:

  • Hover over the library you want to share and click the three dots (...) that appear.
  • Select "Share" from the dropdown menu.

3. Inviting Collaborators and Setting Permissions:

  • In the "Invite to" dialogue box, enter the email addresses of your collaborators, separated by commas.
  • Choose the desired permission level: "Can edit" allows collaborators to modify and add assets, while "Can view" provides read-only access.
  • Optionally, add a personalized message in the message box.
  • Click "Invite" to send the invitations.

4. Managing Collaborator Permissions:

  • Once collaborators are invited, you can manage their permissions by clicking the three dots (...) next to the library name again and selecting "Manage collaborators."
  • This allows you to modify permission levels or remove collaborators from the library.

1. Generating a Shareable Link:

  • Click on the library you want to share.
  • Locate the three dots (...) and select "Get link" from the menu.

2. Choosing Link Settings and Sharing:

  • In the "Link Settings" window, define access options:
    • Allow Download: Enables anyone with the link to download a copy of the library content.
    • Allow Follow: Allows anyone with the link to view and use the library assets, but they cannot edit them. Followers receive automatic updates when you make changes.
  • Click "Copy Link" to share the generated link with anyone you choose.

3. Considerations for Public Links:

  • Exercise caution when sharing libraries containing sensitive information using public links.
  • Anyone with the link can access the library content based on the chosen permissions.

Benefits of Sharing Creative Cloud Libraries on the Website

  • Convenient Access: Share libraries from anywhere with an internet connection, regardless of your device.
  • Centralized Management: Manage collaborators, permissions, and link settings from a single location.
  • Streamlined Collaboration: Facilitate seamless teamwork and maintain project consistency across locations.

By mastering the sharing features of Creative Cloud Libraries on the website, you can unlock their collaborative potential and empower your creative team to work together effectively. Remember to choose the appropriate sharing method based on your project needs and the sensitivity of the library content.