Centering Text in Premiere Pro

Centering text is a crucial aspect of video editing, ensuring a visually balanced and professional presentation. In Premiere Pro, a widely used video editing software, centering text can be achieved using various methods, ranging from straightforward drag-and-drop techniques to precise alignment tools.

Method 1: Using the Essential Graphics Panel

  1. Create Text: Access the Text tool by clicking the “T” icon in the toolbar (1). Click and drag in the program monitor (2) to create a text box. Type the desired text.
  2. Center Text Horizontally: Select the text layer in the timeline (3). Activate the Essential Graphics panel (4). Click the “Align” button (5) and choose “Align Center Horizontally” (6). This will perfectly center the text on the horizontal axis.
  3. Optional: Center Text Vertically: To center the text vertically, click the “Align Center Vertically” option.

Method 2: Using Rulers and Guides

  1. Enable Rulers: Click the “View” menu and select “Rulers” (1). Horizontal and vertical rulers will appear on the program monitor.
  2. Create Guides: Click the “Snap Graphics” button (2) in the top right corner of the program monitor. Click and drag from the top ruler (3) to the bottom ruler (4) to create a vertical guide. Repeat this process to add a horizontal guide.
  3. Position Text Layer: Drag and drop the text layer onto the program monitor (5). The text will automatically snap to the guides.
  4. Fine-tune Positioning: Adjust the text’s position by dragging it around the program monitor (6). Ensure it is perfectly centered between the guides.

Additional Tips for Centering Text

  • Use the “Snap to Guides” option to ensure precise positioning.
  • If using the Essential Graphics panel, you can also center text vertically by selecting “Align Center Vertically” after aligning it horizontally.
  • For added precision, use the “Transform” tool (W) to adjust the text’s position and scale.


Mastering text centering in Premiere Pro is essential for creating visually appealing and professional-looking videos. By following these methods and tips, you can easily achieve centered text that enhances the overall aesthetic of your productions.