Capture Your Inspiration and Build Your Library: Using Capture In-App Extension with Creative Cloud

For designers and creative professionals, inspiration can strike anywhere. But capturing that fleeting spark and transforming it into usable design assets can be a challenge. Fortunately, Adobe offers a seamless solution: the Capture in-app extension integrated with Creative Cloud Libraries. This powerful duo empowers you to directly convert real-world elements into valuable library assets, streamlining your workflow and enriching your creative arsenal.

What is Capture and how does it work?

Available as a mobile app and an in-app extension for various Adobe desktop applications like Photoshop, Capture acts as your creative catalyst. It allows you to:

  • Capture inspiration: Use your phone's camera to capture photos, patterns, textures, and colors from your surroundings.
  • Extract design elements: Leverage Capture's intelligent tools to automatically generate various design assets from your captured images. These include:
    • Color themes: Extract harmonious color palettes from photos, perfect for creating consistent color schemes in your designs.
    • Patterns: Generate seamless, repeatable patterns from textures and objects, adding unique visual interest to your projects.
    • Vector shapes: Convert photos or illustrations into clean vector shapes, ideal for logo design, icon creation, and scalable graphics.
    • Brushes: Create custom brushes from textures and photos, adding a personal touch to your illustrations and paintings.
    • Gradients: Extract smooth color gradients from images, offering versatile options for backgrounds and other design elements.

Integrating Capture with Creative Cloud Libraries

The true magic lies in seamlessly integrating Capture with your Creative Cloud Libraries. Once you've extracted design elements from your captured content using Capture, simply save them directly to your desired library. This instantly makes them accessible within various Adobe applications, including:

  • Photoshop: Apply color themes, patterns, and brushes to enhance your photo editing and graphic design projects.
  • Illustrator: Utilize vector shapes and patterns to create illustrations, logos, and other scalable graphics.
  • InDesign: Integrate color themes, patterns, and gradients into layouts for a cohesive and visually appealing look.

Benefits of using Capture and Creative Cloud Libraries

  • Effortless asset creation: Capture inspiration on the go and instantly convert it into usable design elements, saving time and effort.
  • Enriched library: Expand your library with unique and diverse assets directly derived from your surroundings, fostering creative exploration.
  • Streamlined workflow: Eliminate the need for external tools or manual processing. Capture and save assets directly within your creative process.
  • Cross-application accessibility: Utilize your captured assets seamlessly across various Adobe applications, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

Unleash your creative potential by harnessing the power of Capture and Creative Cloud Libraries. Capture inspiration from the world around you, transform it into valuable design assets, and build a rich library that fuels your creativity across all your Adobe projects.