Can You Use Adobe Stock Music for Commercial Use?

Adobe Stock, a vast library of high-quality stock assets, offers a treasure trove of royalty-free music tracks that can elevate your creative endeavors. Whether you’re producing a video, creating a presentation, or designing a website, Adobe Stock music can seamlessly enhance your content. But can you use Adobe Stock music for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use Adobe Stock music for commercial use, subject to certain conditions. The type of license you purchase determines the extent of your commercial usage rights.

Standard License:

The Standard License allows you to use the music track in a single project, whether it’s for personal or commercial purposes. This means you can incorporate it into your videos, presentations, websites, or any other commercial project.

Extended License:

The Extended License provides greater flexibility, allowing you to use the music track in multiple projects within a single campaign. This is ideal for businesses that frequently create content, such as marketing campaigns or product launches.

Perpetual License:

The Perpetual License offers the most comprehensive commercial usage rights. You can use the music track indefinitely for both personal and commercial purposes, without limitations on the number of projects.

Editorial Use Only Music:

A small portion of Adobe Stock music is designated as “Editorial Use Only.” These tracks cannot be used for commercial purposes, as they are intended for non-commercial applications like news reporting, educational content, and personal projects.

Attribution Requirements:

Regardless of the license type, you must always properly attribute the original creator of the Adobe Stock music track. This is crucial to acknowledge the work of the composer or artist and comply with copyright laws. Attribution methods include in-text attribution, credits within the project, and watermarks.